Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some End of the School year party pictures...

just a month or two overdue.

If you didn't already know -- I just LOVE large parties. Parties where all of the kids and friends can get together for no real reason except to have a fun time being together. The more the merrier! This end of the school year party was definitely merrier. With Amy's and Lecia's help, we put on a real fun shin-dig with a moon walk, 2 blow up 10+ foot water slides, water balloons, tons of yummy food and Rosco the Clown. It was a blast to get together with all the friends for one last time. My only regret is that even though this party was planned months in advance, I did not get the party invites out until a few days before and many of my friends no longer living in the ward did not even get the message about the party. Here are just a few pictures of that fun day -- I have tons so I may be posting little by little as I have the time to look through them all.

First the close-ups... (you can get any more beautiful than these little munchkins -- I wish I was able to get close-ups of all the kids there but I was just having too much fun socializing)


Hilary said...

AWWWWWW . . . did you *REALLY* have to move??? We miss you so much here - Michigan will just not be the same without all of your amazing parties!!!

Michelle said...

We had so much fun at the party Jen! I may have found the perfect website for you and your love of large parties. It's called houseparty.com. I was just chosen to host a Fisher-Price party and they are sending me $220 worth of FREE FP toys so we can have friends over to play!