Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Kadan Dear...

Happy 7th B-day Kadan. This morning he woke up too early for breakfast in bed but we still had a pancake feast. He is so excited about this birthday and has huge plans. He wants to invite his whole class to his birthday party (too bad that this year we are not having one), get a motorized scooter (this too he will not have), pick out a skateboard (this we can do) and have Popsicles for his class (I have to head out and get them right now).

Kadan is so full of fun and energy. His laugh is catchy and just hearing it brightens your day. He is becoming such a gentleman and waits for the ladies so he can open the door for them. He is tennis champion on the Wii -- just watching him play makes you tired. He loves to read his scriptures and go to church activities. He has a little rebel side in him too and loves fire (he wants a fire blanket in his new room) and getting into mischief. I cannot wait to interview him today to find out his favorites.Kadan was kind-a bummed that we only had CareBear candles (still unpacking) so we improvised with matches to make him smile.

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