Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Mom, do you know what my favorite holiday is?"

Addy asked while we were driving home from school.

"Hum, I don't know Addy Maddy... Which one is it?"

"Mother's Day," she exclaimed, "because I get to make a special pot and put pretty things in it as a surprise for you and... because I just love you mom."

"Thanks Sweetie, I love you too. And what is your next favorite?"

She didn't have to think very hard about this answer and promptly responded, "Christmas."

WOW -- Mother's day out ranks Christmas. What a special girl I have that loves me :-)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yee Haw....

look at my cute cowboy Kadan -- he even has a cute cowboy name. Today was a wonderful 2nd grade program. The kids sang and danced and performed their hearts out. Kadan played the "bad cowboy" and was absolutely amazing -- he was rough, he was tough, he was Mr. Wild West. Tonight we tried to watch the video for FHE and I completely deleted the whole program. I am practically in tears right now but would love to share some of the pictures that I took just after the program. What a handsome and tough cowboy!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hippity, hoppity, Easter came this way...

I must admit that I missed MI Easter and all the fun friends, filling eggs, yummy cookies from Tia, games from Hil, invites with Amy, etc., etc. Yet this year it was family Easter. Starting with coloring Easter eggs and then making the 3 hour travel to the valley. Then waking up early at Grandpa Brimhall's to rummage through the Easter baskets loaded with little toys and candy and then sitting together with my mom and siblings to watch my Dad perform in the Easter program and then double lunches with both families and finally ending with the most reckless Easter egg hunt with my family (I even got bit my my sister Annie while trying to steal an egg out from under her) -- we did have a marvelous time.

Kadan was kid egg hunter champion with 37 eggs and Hunter, much to my surprise, was the adult egg hunter champion with 43 eggs (just 1 more than the reigning champion, Uncle Dave).
Last pictures first

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm goin' miss all his curls...

when I cut his hair tomorrow. I just love Hunter's dark curls! But, these curls definitely get unruly during the day and he wants to have a missionary hair cut -- so tomorrow the shears are coming out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who wants to have a party?

Good Morning gals -- who wants to party? We are finally launching our Comfort Inc website and are hosting in-home parties. At the parties we will bring lots of fun furniture books to browse through, some examples of home decor items, picture frames, give aways, and have a little decorating informational discussion on decorating "how to's." The hostess will, of course, get reward dollars toward purchases of items.
Here is just a sneak peak of some of the fun items we will be discussing -- more peaks to come later!

So, who's ready to open their house and have a night of decorating and dreaming?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes unplanned photos of your kids are the best...

I just grabbed them (and bribed them that I would only take a few pictures) while they were playing in the front yard at grandpa's house. They definitely held me to the "few pictures" promise. These are by no means perfect but I love some of the personality I got from them (esp. Kadan's ornery look and Bo's silly faces -- Addy and Hunter are always picture ready and easy to photograph).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay, well, I must admit that I do have a little issue with speeding...

and today I realized that my kids also know that I do drive fast. Taking Addy to school she said, "Wow, Mom, you really know how to push on that pedal. I am whipping back and forth in my seat when you go around the corners."

Oops -- guess I better slow down. Gotta keep this cute little girl safe.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another conference moment, this time from Hunter....

completely touched my heart. When President Monson was talking during the Sunday morning session, I peered over to Hunter and saw little tears coming from his eyes. He looked up at me and asked, "Mom, is he telling a real story? Did that mom's little 3 year-old child die when laying right next to her?" I informed him that the story was true and he started weeping. We just cuddled and listen to the rest of the story about a German woman after WWII that lost her children, one by one, as she made a 1,000 mile trek from Prussia to West Germany. Each mention of the loss of the child brought more tears. We held each other close and cried together, for our hearts were touched by the struggles of this great woman and her strength to go on.

After conference we had a sweet discussion of Heaven and how we have a loving Heavenly Father that allows us to live with each other forever. Isn't Heavenly Father's plan so wonderful and full of love? I give thanks everyday for this knowledge that families are together forever.

Another fun Conference snuggle moment....

came from Kadan. Will all the kids making pillow forts on the bed and being a little rambunctious, I was trying to get them to be quite and listen. So, I started to ask questions about the speakers. Then President Monson came on the TV and I asked, "Kadan, Who's that." He quickly and confidently responded, "He's the new prophet and his name is Thomas Edison." HA, HA!!! But if you really think about it, when you say his name fast it is Thomas S and the S could be mistaken for Edison, right?

Here's my cool dude!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boo...Hoo...Hoo...Sob...Sob...Sob...My little boy is growing up to be a man

Let me explain (He'll probably kill me for this when he is older but it was so cute that I had to share).

Today as we were all snuggling in bed watching General Conference, Hunter squeezed up next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. After a while I noticed a little something -- something odoriferous. First I made sure it was not coming from me and then I took a little snif near Hunter's underarm.

"Oh, Hunter," I said, "It looks like you are becoming a teenager."

"Really mom? How?" Hunter asked.

"Well, you are starting to smell like a teenager under your arms. It is time to get you some deodorant."


Fast forward about 4 hours later.

"Mom, you know what, I really am becoming a man. I took a little sniff under my arm and I smell like a man," said Hunter.

So, after a quick shower we had a little discussion of deodorant and I showed him how to put it on. He giggled and we had a great son-mom moment. So, what's next? Girls, shaving, driving, dating -- holy cow!!!! Can't we just slow time so I can keep him little for just a while longer? Isn't he just so handsome?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rope table -- for Julie

Hey Julie -- here is a better picture of the rope table. I am going to have to call to see about the finish. It does come in a 84in table that should fit at least 8 (other sizes are a 54 and a 72). Check the comments and I will give you pricing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Letter "C" tagged....

thanks Ann -- this should be a lot of fun. Let me see if I am good with alliterations.

10 things I like that start with the letter "C" (these are in no particular order)

#1 (this one is easy) CHOCOLATE (most importantly when it is Tia's chocolate chip cookies)
#2 Christ
#3 Cameras (camcorders, digital cameras -- you name it, I love it)
#4 Clean house (esp. when someone else cleans it for me)
#5 Church music
#6 Chicago (esp. when we go there for Time Out for Women)
#7 Cheap deals on flights, hotels and just about everything else
#8 Cute clothes
#9 Cherries from Emmette Idaho
#10 Comfort Inc (my furniture store)

Now I tag
Courtney -- letter "S"
Dana -- letter "D"
Stacey -- letter "P"
Cindy -- letter "T"