Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Letter "C" tagged....

thanks Ann -- this should be a lot of fun. Let me see if I am good with alliterations.

10 things I like that start with the letter "C" (these are in no particular order)

#1 (this one is easy) CHOCOLATE (most importantly when it is Tia's chocolate chip cookies)
#2 Christ
#3 Cameras (camcorders, digital cameras -- you name it, I love it)
#4 Clean house (esp. when someone else cleans it for me)
#5 Church music
#6 Chicago (esp. when we go there for Time Out for Women)
#7 Cheap deals on flights, hotels and just about everything else
#8 Cute clothes
#9 Cherries from Emmette Idaho
#10 Comfort Inc (my furniture store)

Now I tag
Courtney -- letter "S"
Dana -- letter "D"
Stacey -- letter "P"
Cindy -- letter "T"


julie said...

Hey there! When is your furniture store going to be up and running? I am looking for a black dining room table-any thoughts or ideas?

Jen B. said...

Hi Julie, do you want it painted black or black stained? What style of legs? Round or rectangle or oval or square? I can send you some links. Also, if you have found something that you like, just get the name of the company and the item number (if possible) and I can get it for you. FUN!

julie said...

You are soooo good at this! I want a rectangle table. Which is better, stained or painted? I also would like it to fit 10 people. I haven't found anything yet. So if you can send me some links then I will give you the numbers and go through you! :) We are also looking for furniture for our boys room, so if you have any links on that too, let me know.

julie said...

oh my goodness~ I just went to your furniture website and I really like that Rope table! So nice. K- so email me the details!

Jen B. said...

Julie, how funny -- I just posted that today. I will email you the link.