Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rope table -- for Julie

Hey Julie -- here is a better picture of the rope table. I am going to have to call to see about the finish. It does come in a 84in table that should fit at least 8 (other sizes are a 54 and a 72). Check the comments and I will give you pricing.


Jen B. said...

Here is the info from the website:

Rope Dining Table 84"

Suggested Retail: $993.75

Item Number: 51001182

Shipping CBM: 0.37

Weight: 141lbs

84L x 36W

I will see about shipping. Divide the retail price by 2 and that will be the price for you :-)

Broc and Kendra said...

Wow Jen, that is a cute table. Looks like you are having fun at your furniture bus. Also, thanks so much for the cute baby gift. You are always so good about getting my kids presents and gifts. Thanks a tons!

julie said...

I love it- what do you think? Have you seen it in person? I really need to call you and talk to you all about this stuff.
Email me you # so that I can call and chat. :)

jennifer said...

Hey Julie, my work email is