Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boo...Hoo...Hoo...Sob...Sob...Sob...My little boy is growing up to be a man

Let me explain (He'll probably kill me for this when he is older but it was so cute that I had to share).

Today as we were all snuggling in bed watching General Conference, Hunter squeezed up next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. After a while I noticed a little something -- something odoriferous. First I made sure it was not coming from me and then I took a little snif near Hunter's underarm.

"Oh, Hunter," I said, "It looks like you are becoming a teenager."

"Really mom? How?" Hunter asked.

"Well, you are starting to smell like a teenager under your arms. It is time to get you some deodorant."


Fast forward about 4 hours later.

"Mom, you know what, I really am becoming a man. I took a little sniff under my arm and I smell like a man," said Hunter.

So, after a quick shower we had a little discussion of deodorant and I showed him how to put it on. He giggled and we had a great son-mom moment. So, what's next? Girls, shaving, driving, dating -- holy cow!!!! Can't we just slow time so I can keep him little for just a while longer? Isn't he just so handsome?


Tulip Girl said...

Ah, the beginning. Does he have smelly head yet?

Jen B. said...

Not a smelly head yet but I will keep you posted.