Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kids say the FUNNIEST things...

and my kids have been bringing them all out lately. Here is just one giggler from each one of my kids.

Bo -- Sitting in the car seat while heading to drop Ian off at work, Ian asked Bo is she wanted to come to work with him. As firm and determined as a little 3 year-old can be she said, "D A spells no."

Addy -- While intently doing her kindergarten homework packet, I over heard her spelling her name out loud. It went something like this, "A...d...d...a little humpty...s...y...n."

Kadan -- On Saturday I made the children omelets and Kadan was totally pumped. After his first bite he said, "Ohhhh, mom, this tastes like heaven."

Hunter -- While doing some home renovations (fixing cracks in the drywall, replacing pipes under the sink, etc. etc. etc) he asked, "Mom, how old is our house in house years?"

me -- "House years?"

H -- "Yeah, you know like dogs have dog years so houses have house years."

me -- "I think they are the same as people years so that makes our house 6 years old."

H -- "Oh, that makes sense because even when they break down they still last a long time. But, you know what, I think car years are like 10 people years because dad's car is only 7 years old but the seat belts don't work and it is looking kinda old."

me -- "You know, that's probably right. What smart thinking, Hunter." -- Don't you love how wise and literal 9 year-olds can be?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My sister the WORLD traveler...

has just started a blog. Her ideas are so fun -- talking about tips, hints, price savers, goods and bads of trips. With her artistic writing style, I just know it will be a great resource for all. Her blog address is Hope you find it as fun as I do.

I just LOVE looking for furniture companies...

if I only had clients -- ha, ha! Ian's says that I am my best client and I must agree. If I had a house large enough and an unlimited budget I would keep getting more fun things.

Now that we have been searching high and low for tons of companies we are finding such fun furniture and accessories. I just can't wait until the website it done so you all can see all the cuteness. I have TONS of favorites but am going to post a few fun ones that I thought were totally unique.

I just adore this candelabra -- it reminds me of Phantom of the Opera for some reason. I am getting one to put on my piano so I can light the candles in darkness of night and pound on the keys making eerie music (the eeriness only comes because I am a terrible piano player).

This sweet little chair x 2 is going in my breakfast nook -- I just love how simple it is and the open back. And BTW -- I am not crazy thinking that the white is going to stay white. I am going to get chair covers made (probably by my little hands and my sewing machines) -- maybe in a soft burlap (BTW -- burlap is IN and is a cheap way to decorate). And what about this crazy fun console table -- I saw it a year ago and fell in love. Now that I have a contract with the company that makes it, it is going in my bedroom as a TV stand (maybe?)I just found this chest yesterday. How snazzy is it!?! I just have no place for it but just think it is amazing.
And last but definitely not least are these beautiful antique doors that I have been eyeing for a couple of months now -- just hoping that no one will by them before I can afford them. They are going to be hung along side my dining room window in hopes to create a shutter look. What is even better about them is on the backside it is a beautiful antique blue -- I definitely am using that side.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isn't she totally GORGEOUS...

he, he, he! I just had to laugh HARD when I saw her. Toe nail polish for eye shadow and eye shadow for lipstick -- she sure knows how to beautify. Let's just hope that this is not a sneak peek into what I will have to deal with as a teenager. Oh, BTW -- she dressed herself too -- OUCH!

Winter AZ style...

Now, I do not want to make any of the Michiganders jealous but I just HAD to post some pictures of my kids and cousin Harrison enjoying the snow last weekend. Funny thing is that is snowed and snowed for days and hasn't snowed in almost 2 weeks. Yet, we still have a couple inches in of snow despite the 40+ degrees of sunny weather. Since it was too "hot" for full-on snow garb we had to play AZ style.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What about this logo?

Hi all, before I had a handwritten little comfort logo and now I just got back the design from our computer guy. What do you think about the "a" in the face of the lamb? I'm not sure if I love it or not. Can you help me decide?

Birthdays pretty please...

now that I am realizing that I am a forgetful friend, I am asking you all to send me your b-days. You can post them here or send them to me via email I just HAVE to not miss them again :-)

Shabby Apple Picture Princess -- Gotta Love it!

Melissa sent me the link to one of our FAV's -- Shabby Apple. They are having a picture princess contest -- so fun! Their website is if you would like to join in the fun.

Here are my two princesses -- Addasyn (age 5) and Annalyse (age 3)

Addy 1st -- So, why would I call her a picture princess? Because she is extra sweet, super fun, warm and giggly, mom's BEST helper, completely creative, daring and smart -- just to name a few (You know how mom's always have to talk sweet about their little ones). She just loves the camera and loves getting all dressed-up for no reason. She has such fashion sense and can mis-match just about anything a make it work. She wakes up happy with the most wonderful bed-head (check out picture #2 for the proof) and is ready to experience the day with a positive outlook and artistic spirit. We just love our little Addy May!

So, my favorite dress for Addy -- if I can't use the ones that I already own (picture #1 is Vineyard -- we always get compliments on this one), I would chose Sonny and Cher. Pair this little number with some knee high boots and yippee -- TOO cute.

Next is Annalyse (AKA Bo) -- This little gal is silly and playful and spunky and daring and creative. She is definitely one to keep you on your toes with her cheesy grins, enormous cuddle hugs, inquisitive spirit, and mischievous antics. She has a catchy laugh and when see laughs -- everyone laughs. We just love our little rascal Bo!

So, what dress would Little Miss Bo look the best in? Definitely the Queen of Heart to match her beautiful blue eyes and because it has 2 front pockets -- she just LOVES pockets! So, that's it! PICK US :-) You won't regret it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

And here as a rough of our COMFORT logo...

The actual logo needs to be more simple but this is the general design. A elegant C is going to be in the middle of the Chandelier and will be replacing the middle jewels. For our business cards, the chandelier will be a silhouette (in all black).

Check out our rough draft LOGO for A little Comfort...

YEAH -- we are finally getting closer to get the Comfort Website up and running. I just drew up this rough draft for the little comfort and a computer genius is helping us convert everything into computer format. So, what do y'all think (keep in mind that this is a way, huge, gigantic ROUGH draft -- not perfect by any means)?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Addy is becoming a super reader...

overnight. At Blue Ridge Elementary in Pinetop, they are learning to read using the whole word method. Very little, if any, time is spent on phonics. Coming from Masonic Heights which focuses specifically on a phonetic awareness program has made me realize the value of both systems. So, during daily scripture study and other mom-daughter reading time we have been working on phonics.

Over this Christmas break Addy has been totally excited about all the possibilities of reading and sounding out words. She has found some early reader books and has been soaring through them. Book after book she has slowly sounded out each word and when completed -- on to the next book.
Today, after coming home from a date night with Dad, Addy sneaked up to my room and asked, "Mom, please can I read just one more book. I don't want to forget all the new words. I just don't want to stop learning."
We are so proud of her!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My last child to have their first....

haircut -- my shaggy little Bo. She was so excited but I was having mixed feeling. I knew she needed one but this is going be one of the last of the 1st that I will be able to experience with her (and with my other children for that matter). Why can't they stay young forever? But Bo was all about the salon and getting a new stylish hairdo. Even waiting for over 2 hours to get the haircut did not phase her. She looked through the books to pick out what hair style she wanted -- I just HAD to laugh. I had to take some before and afters. I must admit, I am still not sure if I like the bangs but she sure looks cute nonetheless.



Skiing Anyone?

Living just 35 miles from one of the best ski resorts in AZ (ha! ha!-- there are only 3 to choose from so there is not much competition) gives us plenty of opportunity to enjoy the slopes. Just days after Sunrise opened up we loaded up the truck and caravaned with Annie and Harrison (with H's best friend Ryan Murphy and our friend Jeremy) to the mountain. It was a wonderful day. The kids took snowboarding lessons and Bo was at a Snow club for most of the day. We all reconvened later in the afternoon for a few hours of total fun. Kadan rocked the snowboarding class and graduated to "greens" for next time. Even Bo learned how to ski and went up the chair lift to the bunny hill. We GOTTA keep going! It was a blast! (BTW -- check out Addy's nappy coat -- we forgot hers at home so we had to rent one -- NASTY!!!!!)