Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kids say the FUNNIEST things...

and my kids have been bringing them all out lately. Here is just one giggler from each one of my kids.

Bo -- Sitting in the car seat while heading to drop Ian off at work, Ian asked Bo is she wanted to come to work with him. As firm and determined as a little 3 year-old can be she said, "D A spells no."

Addy -- While intently doing her kindergarten homework packet, I over heard her spelling her name out loud. It went something like this, "A...d...d...a little humpty...s...y...n."

Kadan -- On Saturday I made the children omelets and Kadan was totally pumped. After his first bite he said, "Ohhhh, mom, this tastes like heaven."

Hunter -- While doing some home renovations (fixing cracks in the drywall, replacing pipes under the sink, etc. etc. etc) he asked, "Mom, how old is our house in house years?"

me -- "House years?"

H -- "Yeah, you know like dogs have dog years so houses have house years."

me -- "I think they are the same as people years so that makes our house 6 years old."

H -- "Oh, that makes sense because even when they break down they still last a long time. But, you know what, I think car years are like 10 people years because dad's car is only 7 years old but the seat belts don't work and it is looking kinda old."

me -- "You know, that's probably right. What smart thinking, Hunter." -- Don't you love how wise and literal 9 year-olds can be?

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Hilary said...

Ha... seriously, if it wasn't for the funny things that the kids say, I'm not sure where I'd be sometimes - they make life bearable when nothing else can...