Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kadan sweetness...

Since Kadan's baptism, Kadan has read at least one column in his new scriptures each night -- never missing a day. Sometimes he comes up to my room at midnight (I thought he was well into REM sleep by then) with his scriptures in hand asking if he can read to me from the Bible. Of course, I cannot say no to such a lovely and simple request. So, ofttimes I find us cuddling as he reads ever so slowly, making sure that he sounds out all the difficult words by himself. Tonight we were reading in Genesis and he came across Jehovah. Carefully he sounded out the word. I could tell that the word "Jehovah" was relatively new to him so I asked, "Kadan, do you know what Jehovah means?"

"No... not really."

"It's another name for Jesus Christ."

"Oh," he says with a grin and then by change in expression I could tell he was contemplating something. After a moment he said, "Well.... I think I am going to say Christ every time I see Jehovah because (he chuckles) it just a lot easier to say. Don't you think so?"

I giggled in agreement.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rough and tackle friendships....

This football season has been a wonderful time for the kids. Not only did they learn hard work and discipline but they also learned the value of fun and friendships. About half way into the season, Hunter would make sure that we were at least 15 minutes early to practice so he could play with his friends. Kadan soon joined in the fun with his football fellas. They played Red Rover, Smear, tag, and all kinds of made-up games with a football. It was so fun to see these boys interact with each other. I found myself parking along side the fence to grinfully (my new word) watch. These times are what life is all about.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is an ancestor?

Hunter and I were on our way to school this morning and we had a fun conversation.

"Mom, I think I know why we only have ancestors (pronounced an-sisters) and not an-brothers. Because it would be weird to call our family grandsister and grandbrothers so we just call them an-sisters which means both brothers and sisters."

He is such a deep thinker -- I love to hear him give explanations for common terms of life.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Comfort home decor party....

was a wonderful success. It was a blast to talk about decorating and dreaming of cute houses while feeling our tummies with lots and lots of chocolate. I also loved decorating my house with all the holiday fun. Hunter walked in from school and said, "Wow Mom. This looks awesome. Can we have our house look like this all the time." Well, I wish I could but with piles of messes and rowdy kids, I am sure that it wouldn't look cute for long. I would love to share with you how things looked.

Oh, and one last thing -- look at this awesome chair that Annie designed -- just got it in this week. I totally LOVE it, especially with the crystal detail. But, it is much too cute to sit on and have my kids sticky fingers all over it so it is going to Annie's house in her bedroom -- I am definitely jealous :-).