Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay, gotta post this one real quick...

So, we have been working on memorizing all the articles of faith since Addy was a toddler. Tonight I decided to give them a little incentive and since money definitely talks, I came up with a Disneyland fund. They can earn $1 for each article of faith and then save it when we go to Disneyland (sometime in the distant future).

Tonight, Kadan then Hunter then Addy passed off #2 like champs. Then it was Bo's turn. With tons of encouragement from the other kid-e-o's and lots of coaching she finally made it through with hand gestures, giving her beginning sounds to the words, etc. So, way she went (somewhat sheepishly and then ending with confidence):

"We believe that man will be punished (pounding her hand with her fist) for their own sins, not (waving her finger back and forth) for Adam's Transformers."

He, he, he!!! Gotta love it!

Feeling like the white rabbit on Alice in Wonderland...

I'm Late, I'm late, for a very important date!!!!

Time is just going too fast. Not enough time to accomplish even 1/2 of what I need to do in a day. With kids birthday's, projects, school, after school activities, training for the Ragnar, work, online work, church, friends, radio talk shows, house chores, skiing every moment we can, errands, Dr's visits, etc, etc, etc I am just falling way behind. Not even enough time to post how precious and wonderful Hunter and Addy are to me (since their birthdays' are in February). I will try to catch up after my large relay race this weekend (that is a story all in itself).

Wish me luck!