Monday, November 24, 2008

We had the most amazing family home evening...

last night (I think that the Lord is blessing me with these moments to keep me going). As I read a child's book about the birth and life of Christ and then showed a little clip from the video "Reflections of Christ" my children sat reverently and were actively engaged in the stories. Hunter, with his amazing ability to memorize, would tell the stories vividly while the other children quietly listened. Kadan and Addy shared in the responsibility of holding the book and turning the pages, being totally conscious of each other -- making sure that each had their own turn. After watching the video clip, I asked the children what was their favorite thing about Jesus. This is what they said:

Hunter: Kind and faithful
Kadan: Peaceful and safe
Addy: Nice and helpful
Annalyse: Friend and died
Me: Strong and brave (there are so many words to describe the Savior, but these were the first two attributes that came to mind -- I thought that it was interesting that I would choose such words and am grateful that He has provided a perfect example of who we should be in all aspects of our lives)

The video that we watched is available on You-tube (I still cannot figure out how to download the video directly into my blog) so if you would like to watch it, here is the website.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Free Freight -- what a deal!

Hi all, Just wanted to let you know -- one of my favorite furniture companies,, is having free freight on orders until Nov 26. It is a smashing deal (since freight is so expensive). For those living in areas other than AZ -- they will ship to your house (with an additional $75 fee). Check out their website. They have amazing things. If you would like to place an order, just let me know soon and I will order it for you. Thanks.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Better late than never....


I put off Kadan long enough. He had been begging me to carve pumpkins since the first week of October. Well, by the end of the 1st week of November we finally carved our pumpkins. Better late than never, right?

Hunter carved a traditional pumpkin, Addy carved a monkey and Kadan carved a snake. Bo was the "guts" remover and helped light all the candles. It was lots of fun.

Catching up on some soccer moments...

this year. The boys had a blast in soccer. Kadan says that soccer and football are now his favorite sports. Hunter chose tennis and football but says he still likes all sports like soccer and tennis (just like Hunter to make sure that nothing is left out). Kadan was Mr. Striker -- scoring at least 1/2 of the goals each game. Hunter was defense extraordinaire -- it was nice to see him being more aggressive and stopping the forward from scoring.This picture tells it all -- my aggressive, stop-at-nothing son!Kadan made sure that I got a picture of him making a goal. He would look up and me and say "mom, take a picture. I am going to get a goal now." And so he did.Of course, after his excellent shot, he had to turn and show me how many goals he had already.After the game, the kids' favorite part was going under the tunnel.Kadan with his excellent coach.

Hunter with some of his team -- The Red Ninjas.Hunter handled the ball so well this last game and almost got a goal. Nice job buddy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some beautiful and totally amazing photos...

of Christ were just recently completed by a local Arizona photographer Mark Maybry and crew. He has been showing his work at exhibits in the western US and just published a hardbound book, DVD and CD for his work. It is a MUST see. You can check out the website Refections of Christ at the following website:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I now what a PT is, Mom"

Hunter said to me after he heard Ian and I talking about PT (AKA physical therapy).

"Really? What does PT mean?" I said.

"Well, you know mom, "P" stands for pregnant and "T" stands for teacher so if you put it together it means that you have a pregnant teacher" Hunter replied in a completely serious tone.

Giggle, giggle! Oh, how FUN! I love how smart and creative little ones can be.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who likes cottage decor?

I do, I do!

I found another awesome company and just love getting shipments from them. Their name is K & K Interiors and they are from Sandusky, Ohio. I told my sales rep that we must meet for business on the Millieum Roller Coaster -- she just laughed.
Here are some copies of their catalog and I must admit this is just a little glimpse into what they have and I LOVE it ALL.

Where is Russ when I need him?

In Idaho of course!

So, I have a new goal -- to make healthy food from scratch just like Dana Ellsworth. Well, yesterday I tried my hand in several recipes from Martha Stewart. Boy-o-boy was I in trouble. Not only did I not understand some of the instructions but I did not have a ricer (BTW -- now that I looked them up and know what they are, I just HAVE to get one). But, with some improvising I was doing quite good.

If you can believe it, I was trying to make gnoccie from scratch -- yep, I am a gluten for punishment. But I thought to myself, "Hey, there are are less than 10 ingredients and it looks a lot like making rolls so I should be just fine." Oh man -- it was a little more difficult than rolls. I did everything just as Martha directed (with modifications since I did not have a ricer -- thank goodness for rotary cheese graters) but left out one major ingredient -- the FLOUR! In the ingredient list it mentioned 2 cups of flour but in the instructions all it said was to lightly dust the potato mixture with flour. Well, long story short -- water + potatoes = HUGE mess and pot of water boiling over.

It is times like this that I miss calling Russ up in the middle of dinner for him to help me step-by-step to create yummy dishes.

BTW -- Russ and Tia -- what is your yummy mashed potato recipe?

To Stacie and Kendra...

I had to change my email/identity to get in and now I am locked out of your blogs -- can you allow me access with my new email address: (this is my email address for blogging only). I still have my as the one I use everyday if you want to send me a message.

Thanks gals!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is an awesome find...

I just love this artwork by Raymond Designs. He has taken photos and pictures from well know artists like Dale Parsons and has created a fantastic look. I am hoping to become a retailer for them. Here is just a sneak peek. Isn't it a funny coincidence that their established picture is of my last name -- FUN!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, what do you think about this entertainment unit?

Funny thing is that even though I finally have my wholesale license and several companies in which to purchase furniture -- I still haven't bought a thing. Our entertainment center in the living room is a plastic folding table and the toy shelf/entertainment center for the family room/playroom is a filing cabinet. I guess there are so many options I just cannot choose. I think I have finally (keep your fingers crossed) made a decision on this unit (since the company is offering an additional 15% off wholesale). I want it stained in a mocha color and the inside painted either white or a robin egg blue. I just hope that all my feet dragging did not cause me to loose out on the discount. So, what do you think?

BTW -- the reason I like this one is that is has a little whimsy flair with the scrolled bottom and the rounded top -- a little better for a more casual room. And (the best part -- beside is being made in the grand USA) behind the lower cabinets are drawers.

"Mom, you're the best mom ever....

but you are a little behind in being nice but way ahead of taking care of me," Kadan said to me after tucking him in bed tonight. He then elaborated:

"You are like 1000 ahead on everything but just a little bit less than 1000 when it comes to being nice 'cuz when I get in trouble sometimes you yell at me. But, if you talk nice all the time, even when I am in trouble, then you will catch up and be way ahead in being nice too."

Well Mr. Kadan -- I will try hard to be nice even when you're in trouble because I want to be ahead in everything.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Which Celebrity mom am I?

Reese Witherspoon
Plucky, positive, and fiercely protective, you are, above all else, a survivor. If your husband were to leave you for an attractive younger girl, you'd grab the nearest attractive younger guy and become instantly thinner, sexier, and more fashionable than ever before. Belying your broad comic talents, you're a remarkably private person, a defiant and devoted mom dedicated to raising your kids with the simple, down-home values your folks instilled in you.
This was a fun quiz -- thanks to Nat for the fun idea. If you too want to take it go to:

With great termoil comes....

even greater spiritual blessings. You know when you are confused and feeling down -- not knowing what to do or which way to go or even if you are adequate enough to receive inspiration from our Heavenly Father, this is when your prayers can become more fervent or when you just curl up in bed and cry. I have been having some of those moments -- all too often in fact. Many times I feel that my little challenges are not worth going to the Lord about and that He does not need to be bothered by me again. Yet, there is always something, someone or some feeling that lifts me up and makes me remember that I am worth it, that I am special, and that I have a Heavenly Father that is there to help me through it all.

This past week was one of the most challenging weeks of my life -- personal tragedy (too personal to expound upon) and ultimate shock brought much confusion. How can this be happening to me? Is this what I signed up for? I have strived my whole life to follow the Savior and live the principles of the Gospel so why did I make decisions years ago that led me down this path? But even with this questions I was surrounded with the most amazing peace and comfort. I felt a since of elevation beyond this world. I knew that everything would be okay.

With many of these issues still pressing on my mind, I prayed, asked for a Father's blessing (where I was instructed to read D&C 9) and fasted to know what to do. The message was simple yet direct. I was given personal revelation, even a prophecy, of what would come in the days to come. I write today to testify that each one of these events foretold me by these prayers and blessings did indeed occur. I didn't even realize the extent of this miracle/prophecy until I spoke to my older and wiser sister this afternoon. Using the scriptures, she demonstrated how just like when Nephi prophesied of the murder of the chief judge in Helaman chapters 8 and 9 everything that he foretold did indeed happen. Yet, even though he told exactly what happened to the judge and who was responsible for the murder, many people did not believe and imprisoned Nephi. She then shared with me that I was given inspiration and I can choose to promptly listen and obey. Her wise counsel sent the tingling confirmation that what she was speaking is true.

I am so grateful for the Spirit of prophecy, for remarkable and valiant older sisters who know the scriptures and enlighten your mind, for friends that encourage and love, for parents who taught me the gospel and continue to be an example of strength and faithfulness, for brothers who are honorable and good, and for God continuing to be a God of Miracles.

Boy oh boy, it is struggles like this where I long for the good ol' days sometimes. When life was simple and full of chasing fireflies, swinging so high that your feet touched the clouds, riding "horsey daddy" to bed and holding on tight to not get bucked off, falling a sleep to your mother reading you bedtime stories, writing love notes, and playing kissing tag. Those were the days!!! Well, I can tell you what -- I am making sure that days like things keep coming. It is time to just love life and love all the greatness that God has given to us.

Just for fun -- My cousin just sent us some pictures of when we were young -- guess which one I am.

Monday, November 3, 2008

So, who wants to go to LONDON with me?

My sister just started a travel business and part of the promotions that she was given, was to host tours at over 1/2 off retail. One of the tours that she has is scheduled in May and sounds SO cool!!! For instance, who would like to go to the Eiffel Tower for a noon tea and sleep in luxury at the Hyatt Regency? Ah...I would! I sounds so wonderful and the price it right (basically you are getting hotels 1/2 off -- usually $500+ per night -- and the tour is almost free -- I think the total price for lodging and the tour is $1500 for a week of fun). So, wanna GO? It would be a blast for all my wonderful ladies to meet me for this get-a-way.
I can give you more info if you wish. I will have to post her website later.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The day after Halloween...

is always a crazy day. Check out the pictures of the Addy and Bo that are still in partial costumes. Addy was feeling much better -- playing dress-up and giggling. I just had a take a picture of her today with messy hair and all. Yesterday's pictures you could tell that she still wasn't feeling well with her partial smiles and droopy eyes. I love the feel good, play hard Addy much better! Just look at her smile.
Using Tia's fun idea -- Addy's Super Hero name would be The Pink Sunny-DBo's name would be The Purple OJ -- what a little tough one!

Happy Halloween!!!

to all our friends. This year was not like any other. Living in a small town with more vacation homes than permanent resident homes, we had no real place to go trick-or-treating. I don't even think the kids said the words "Trick-or-Treat" even once yesterday. So, instead of our traditional Halloween night, we went to carnival after carnival. First to the school then to the church and then to Addy's teacher, Mrs. Rienholdt's house for stew, games and pie. We had a marvelous time and was so grateful that Addy was feeling good enough to join in the fun (she had been really ill for 2 days and wasn't able to get out of bed. But at 5:30 on Hallow's Eve she woke up with enough energy to play.