Monday, November 24, 2008

We had the most amazing family home evening...

last night (I think that the Lord is blessing me with these moments to keep me going). As I read a child's book about the birth and life of Christ and then showed a little clip from the video "Reflections of Christ" my children sat reverently and were actively engaged in the stories. Hunter, with his amazing ability to memorize, would tell the stories vividly while the other children quietly listened. Kadan and Addy shared in the responsibility of holding the book and turning the pages, being totally conscious of each other -- making sure that each had their own turn. After watching the video clip, I asked the children what was their favorite thing about Jesus. This is what they said:

Hunter: Kind and faithful
Kadan: Peaceful and safe
Addy: Nice and helpful
Annalyse: Friend and died
Me: Strong and brave (there are so many words to describe the Savior, but these were the first two attributes that came to mind -- I thought that it was interesting that I would choose such words and am grateful that He has provided a perfect example of who we should be in all aspects of our lives)

The video that we watched is available on You-tube (I still cannot figure out how to download the video directly into my blog) so if you would like to watch it, here is the website.


The Amayesings said...

Sounds like a perfect moment! Thanks for the idea which we'll be using next week. I'll be calling you soon, or give me a call this week when you have a moment.

Chel said...

What a great post...such a great FHE, thanks for sharing...