Friday, February 29, 2008

I feel like a pre-teen again...

after going to see High School Musical on Ice last night. It was so FUN! My friend Tracie Mayfield asked if Addy and I could come along with her and Aili a few weeks ago. I was a little hesitant at first since Addy hadn't seen the High School Musical yet, but they gave her a great present for her birthday -- the DVD. She just loves it now. It was so fun to hear Addy squeal in excitement during the ice show. We cheered and giggled and danced and sang and ate icees and got light up pink headbands and had such a great girly time. I am sure that "this could be a start of something new" (recognize the lyrics from one of the songs from HSM?) I am such a dork but at my age, who cares? I admit that I am now a HSM fan!

Tracie brought her camera and took some great pictures. It is fun to have her capture the moment.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the winner for Most Beautiful Couple Award is...

Dave and Annelise Jensen. (Roaring applause from the audience)
Aren't they so totally cute! I just received this picture from them in their Valentines card and loved it immediately. Annelise is such a beautiful girl. She is smart, creative, patient (she has to being married into my family), witty, pretty and daring -- the perfect combination of girly and rough-n-tumble. Dave is poetic, honorable, charismatic, handsome (even when he has a 10 foot straggly beard and unkempt hair), artistic and fun-loving. These two make such a beautiful pair. Together they have traveled the US on Dave's Before Braille Road tour, discovered the world in an Asian sabbatical, and have just let their spirit guide them. They dare to do things that I have always wanted to do but am to chicken to do it. It is so fun having them around. I cannot wait to hear what crazy thing they plan on doing next!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So I can't stop thinking about...

the endless possibilities of having a blog. I think about it when I am cooking dinner, when I am taking a shower, when I am driving in my car, when I am chatting with my friends, and (even more pathetic that these examples) when I dream (yep, told you it was pathetic). Boy, I am sounding totally obsessive compulsive right now but let me share why I am so excited. My kids say and do the funniest things and I want to capture their childhood. I have such great family (and by family I mean my immediate, extended, and "adopted" family) and want to share some of my fondest memories and how I feel about them. I have so many hopes and dreams that need to be expressed in order to be fulfilled (at least that is what my Dad always taught me). I may not write chronologically, alphabetically or any type of "cally" but will share whenever something strikes me. So, please bare with me while I share my streams of consciousness (Shannon would get a kick out of this verbiage in italics).

Here is something fun. When in Arizona last October, Addy felt the need to take a picture of her mom. It was early Sunday morning, I had no make-up on, was wearing Ian's baggy gray t-shirt, and hadn't even taken a shower. But, I thought, "Why not." This is what my little 4 year-old took (BTW, I have not edited this picture in any way). She did a WONDERFUL job -- I just love it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Need emails...

pretty, pretty please! My other computer is completely dead (as in will not even open) so I have lost all the email addresses that I have collected over the years. So, if anyone is out there, can you please send me your email address via my home email address so I can copy it into my address book? Thanks a BUNCH!

"Mom, we really need...

the Green Bag Storage Pack." Okay, what? Hunter is such a funny kid. He LOVES (and I mean LOVES) infomercials. So, when he woke up this morning, he must of seen the Green Bag Storage Pack on TV and thought hat we had to have it. The rest of the conversation is so cute that I must finish it, so here goes (please note that I am going to write it exactly as he said it, no matter the grammar):

"Oh really, what does it do?"

"Well, Mom. You know, the air is not the enemy (make sure you insert hand gestures here since Hunter cannot talk without being animated). It is the "an-i-mal-ate" -- I don't think that I can say it -- that does it. When you put the fruits and vegetables in the Green Bag Storage Pack it will slow down the rottening. It eliminates the gas and will save your foods for 7-10 days longer. Isn't that cool?"

"Most definitely, buddy. Sounds great."

Well, I think that Hunter has found his calling in life -- to be in Advertising. He was very convincing and now I MUST check out these amazing bags.

Monday, February 25, 2008

When will...

our hearts stop hurting so much? It has been 2 weeks since Claudette passed away but it seems like eternity. Things continue to be hazy and I wonder when I am going to wake up from this terrible dream. I keep catching Ian sitting around gazing into nothingness and know that he is missing his mom. Hunter will be talking to me and then just start to cry telling me that he misses Grandma so much. Today after dinner at a local restaurant Kadan received a balloon and immediately asked if he could let it go so he could send it up to Grandma. Addy was coloring beautiful pictures for her Grandma and asked if I could send it to Heaven. My heart just hurts -- hurts for my Husband who is missing his Best friend -- hurts for my little children who still do not quite understand why Grandma had to go to Heaven -- hurts for all the times that we will be missing her FOREVER in this life. She was ,and I am sure continues to be, a woman of amazing strength. A woman who loved her family and loved the Lord. A women that would sacrifice everything for her children. A woman that you could share all the funny things your kids would say. A woman that would call just to hear the little gibberish of her grandchildren. It is times like these that demonstrate what type of person Claudette is. I am grateful for the many years I had her in my life. (written Thursday, February 21)

Another fun church moment yesterday...

(which was not so GROSS as the booger incident) happened with Addy. She was practicing her counting during church (and may I add that she is a wonderful counter -- can count up to 40 without a problem) and all of a sudden had an epiphany (just had to use that word -- it has been one of my favorites since I learned it from Mrs. Kelly in my "Block" class during 10th grade at Mountain View). Now that she has been 5 for 4 days, she has been realizing may new things that come with this older age. So, she started counting on her fingers ... 1, 2, 3...then next hand 6, 7... all the way to 10. In an amazed voice she said, "Mom, I have 10 fingers. Isn't that so awesome..." She then paused for a long time, crossed her arms, sat up as tall as she could and with total conviction said, "And I can PROVE it." I couldn't help but smile. I am so proud of her.


totally GROSS! I cannot believe what happened to me during sacrament meeting yesterday. Ian had to work so I was trying to keep my 4 wonderfully active kids reverent during the sacrament. Addy was demonstrating her ability to count, Kadan was humming church songs, Hunter was sneaking Cheese-its and little Bo (AKA Annalyse) was sitting on my lap facing me. I had my head turned watching Addy and before I knew it, a little finger was in my mouth. The next thing I heard was "Eewww...Yucky." I turned to Bo and asked "what is yucky?" "A boogie Mommy. You eat it." In total shock I whispered, "What? Did you just put a boogie in my mouth." In a sweet, Innocent 2 year-old voice she answered, "Yes Mommy... Gross... yucky boogie." I freaked (on the inside only since I was in the middle of church) wiping my mouth out the best I could. I cannot believe that I ate my child's nasty booger!!!

In A Single Moment...

everything can change. With all the events of this past year, I have realized that each moment is precious. Each moment gives us the opportunity to chose whether we will falter or whether we will grow. This year has been a time of growth -- growing stronger in knowledge and understanding, growing closer as a family, growing closer to our Heavenly Father. I hope that this blog will help me capture these single moments to give reason, strength, laughter and hope to my friends and family. I think Ann Frank said it best, for "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."