Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Mom, we really need...

the Green Bag Storage Pack." Okay, what? Hunter is such a funny kid. He LOVES (and I mean LOVES) infomercials. So, when he woke up this morning, he must of seen the Green Bag Storage Pack on TV and thought hat we had to have it. The rest of the conversation is so cute that I must finish it, so here goes (please note that I am going to write it exactly as he said it, no matter the grammar):

"Oh really, what does it do?"

"Well, Mom. You know, the air is not the enemy (make sure you insert hand gestures here since Hunter cannot talk without being animated). It is the "an-i-mal-ate" -- I don't think that I can say it -- that does it. When you put the fruits and vegetables in the Green Bag Storage Pack it will slow down the rottening. It eliminates the gas and will save your foods for 7-10 days longer. Isn't that cool?"

"Most definitely, buddy. Sounds great."

Well, I think that Hunter has found his calling in life -- to be in Advertising. He was very convincing and now I MUST check out these amazing bags.

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Tracie said...

Okay Kivi and Hunter have a lot in common then, because he does the same thing. Not only is on about me having to buy these same green bags, but there is some sort of mop thing he thinks we need too, or maybe it was a vaccum...not sure now. But that post was cracking me up!