Monday, March 30, 2009

Just LOVIN' Spring break x 2...

(the x's 2 comes from the fact they we "celebrated" 2 instead of the one that the school gives us). We have had a complete blast this year during spring break. Starting 1 week early, Annie, Harrison and Ryan came up to hang out and go spring skiing. We even played hooky from school on Monday -- you just cannot pass up great snow and 60 degree weather. Best thing is that there was light snowfall just a couple of days earlier. It was a PERFECT day -- all 3 older kids are now boarding or skiing better than their mom and little Bo is completely ski "independent." It took much coaxing from Bo to finally let her go and to my great surprise, this little three y/o took off (even turning). YEAH! I have 4 skiers now!
Then came our real spring break -- going to the valley is always the best vacation. We just chilled for 4 days, ate a yummy BBQ from Brett, went to the Caddy's beautiful wedding, had a girl's night with awesome Karolyn, shopped, and hiked with Grandpa J. I was totally impressed by my kids' ability to hike up Ussery Pass -- they kicked my tush going 'round the mountain. I just love the little red faces of my kid-e-o's after they finished the hike.

Just Lovin' on Papa PJ!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Miss Rosebud & Addy...

make such a cute pair! I still have to giggle too myself about this whole worm as a pet idea, but.... she has decided (based on her teacher's encouragement) to let it "play" out in our yard. Before that point, we will have to have a little heart-2-heart chat about how worms love gardens and love to dig and may not be found again (I get sad for her just thinking about it).

I did get some fun pictures of the pair....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Addy's new pet (I just HAVE to get a picture of her with it)...

is a worm -- a big, fat, huge, slimy earthworm that she got from her teacher Mrs. Reinhold. She carries it with her everywhere including the store, to church (thank goodness that I caught her before she took it in there) and now to our trip to the valley. She changes the soil, gives it leaves to "eat" and checks on it all the time. She even named it Rosebud -- how funny.

The night before we came down to the valley to see all the family Addy came up to me and asked, "Mom, grandma's allergic to dogs, right? And cats too? But she's not allergic to worms, is she mama? I really want to show grandma my new pet."

So sweet -- thinking of grandma and making sure that the new pet will be okay to bring to grandma's house. I just love my prissy, rough-n-tumble gal!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I just sat down for a long night of grading and found this...

What an awesome surprise! This little note melted my heart. How did he know the exact place in my large black notebook in which I was working or even have a clue that in this tattered notebook is where I go nightly to keep my grades? I just love this little guy -- he always gives me little surprises.

(BTW -- all these F's do not mean the grade for the students. It meant that they turned in a particular assignment -- I'm not that mean of a grader)

Hunter's 1st Violen Concert...

was so exciting. He was all dressed-up looking dapper and just so mature. How in the world did he get so tall so fast? As he played he would peek up from the music and give me a little grin -- how sweet!!! This was definitely one of those "mom's most proud" moments.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And the GRAND prize winner is....

Dana with her #7 post. Since I just love the number seven (being born 7/7/73 --making me old in Bo's book), I just had to pick that number.

But don't you fret -- I actually planned on giving a little prize to all those that posted (since I love you guys). So, please send me your address so I can ship out the wonderful prizes.

"Mom, you too cute..."

said Bo as she rode on my "piggy back."

Then she continued, "Cuz you fluffy and you O-d."

WOW -- what a compliment!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bye, Bye forever UOP...

I cannot believe I finally did it -- no more teaching for University of Phoenix.. I have been talking about quitting UOP for about 4 years now and I finally decided that enough was enough. Working long hours into the night was just healthy for me or my family. So, last Friday, I decided that it was time. Believe me, I am going to miss the little amount of money I got from teaching with them but hopefully the furniture business will pick up the slack. Maybe I will pick up some home health clients and get back into hands-on PT.

I am proud to say that at this point, I am staying with ATSU and hope to be able to devote more time and energy to these exceptional students.

Just thought I would share!