Thursday, March 26, 2009

Addy's new pet (I just HAVE to get a picture of her with it)...

is a worm -- a big, fat, huge, slimy earthworm that she got from her teacher Mrs. Reinhold. She carries it with her everywhere including the store, to church (thank goodness that I caught her before she took it in there) and now to our trip to the valley. She changes the soil, gives it leaves to "eat" and checks on it all the time. She even named it Rosebud -- how funny.

The night before we came down to the valley to see all the family Addy came up to me and asked, "Mom, grandma's allergic to dogs, right? And cats too? But she's not allergic to worms, is she mama? I really want to show grandma my new pet."

So sweet -- thinking of grandma and making sure that the new pet will be okay to bring to grandma's house. I just love my prissy, rough-n-tumble gal!!!

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