Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So I can't stop thinking about...

the endless possibilities of having a blog. I think about it when I am cooking dinner, when I am taking a shower, when I am driving in my car, when I am chatting with my friends, and (even more pathetic that these examples) when I dream (yep, told you it was pathetic). Boy, I am sounding totally obsessive compulsive right now but let me share why I am so excited. My kids say and do the funniest things and I want to capture their childhood. I have such great family (and by family I mean my immediate, extended, and "adopted" family) and want to share some of my fondest memories and how I feel about them. I have so many hopes and dreams that need to be expressed in order to be fulfilled (at least that is what my Dad always taught me). I may not write chronologically, alphabetically or any type of "cally" but will share whenever something strikes me. So, please bare with me while I share my streams of consciousness (Shannon would get a kick out of this verbiage in italics).

Here is something fun. When in Arizona last October, Addy felt the need to take a picture of her mom. It was early Sunday morning, I had no make-up on, was wearing Ian's baggy gray t-shirt, and hadn't even taken a shower. But, I thought, "Why not." This is what my little 4 year-old took (BTW, I have not edited this picture in any way). She did a WONDERFUL job -- I just love it.

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Holly said...

Ha ha! You've been bit by the blogging bug! I told you it's fun!