Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kadan sweetness...

Since Kadan's baptism, Kadan has read at least one column in his new scriptures each night -- never missing a day. Sometimes he comes up to my room at midnight (I thought he was well into REM sleep by then) with his scriptures in hand asking if he can read to me from the Bible. Of course, I cannot say no to such a lovely and simple request. So, ofttimes I find us cuddling as he reads ever so slowly, making sure that he sounds out all the difficult words by himself. Tonight we were reading in Genesis and he came across Jehovah. Carefully he sounded out the word. I could tell that the word "Jehovah" was relatively new to him so I asked, "Kadan, do you know what Jehovah means?"

"No... not really."

"It's another name for Jesus Christ."

"Oh," he says with a grin and then by change in expression I could tell he was contemplating something. After a moment he said, "Well.... I think I am going to say Christ every time I see Jehovah because (he chuckles) it just a lot easier to say. Don't you think so?"

I giggled in agreement.