Saturday, November 7, 2009

Addy's lucky day....

So, Ian and I have been trying to teach Addy how to ride a bike without training wheels for 3 years now. Whether it be fear or desire, we just couldn't get her to ride. But boy-o-boy was she the best scooter rider ever and could keep up with the boys on their mountain bikes.

Tonight Hunter and Kadan came running in the house proclaiming, "Mom, Mom. You won't believe this. Addy is riding her bike and learned all by herself."

I quickly put my laptop down and ran to the front door. To my surprise, there was Addy riding like a champ. "Woo Hoo, Addy May! You did it! You are so awesome! How in the world did you learn how to ride all by yourself."

"Well Mom, I just had to practice and practice and finally I can ride my bike.... It must be my lucky day."

P.S. kinda embarassing but if you look at Addy's outfit and notice that it is at sunset you will see that the kids stayed in the PJ's all day long. Yep, just one of those completely lazy days.

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Annelise H. Jensen said...

those are pj's? No need to feel bad, your kids actually wear matching pajamas!!