Sunday, November 22, 2009

The best sacrament meeting of the year...

is always the Primary program. Indeed, it is wonderful to just sit all by my lonesome without having any child distraction but it is even more wonderful to sit proudly as each of your children say their part all by themselves and to hear them singing loudly so I can hear their individual voices. Here are some highlights:

After lots of practice Bo triumphantly pronounced "proclamation."
Addy would smile so sweetly each time she saw me watching her sing.
Kadan knew all the words to the songs and when bore his testimony of his baptism, he exclaimed, "I am a Son of God and know if I do my best to do what it right, I will always have the Spirit to be with me."
Hunter sang his heart out, with his hand outstretch towards his sides, eyes looking up towards heaven as he swayed side to side. Several individuals in the ward told me how much they enjoyed watching Hunter -- one said she was so touched that she cried. It was so sweet. I am definitely a proud mom.

Another fun thing in church today -- I was a pain in the tush before church, trying to get all the kids to church early (Ian was doing surgery). After feeling terrible about my orneriness, I prayed for forgiveness. My inspiration was that I needed to pray more earnestly and more frequently if I was to have the help of the Lord to be a calm and loving mom. Well, today I definitely had the opportunity. Ian was supposed to say the opening prayer but told the bishopric that he would not be there because of an emergency surgery. Yet, they forgot and had him in the program. So, at a moment, I volunteered to say the opening prayer for Ian. Then I was asked to say the closing prayer during Sunday School. Finally I was asked to say the opening prayer in Relief Society. It was awesome that I was given all these opportunities to raise my spirits and immediately practice obedience and faith.

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Kendra said...

Thanks Jen! It's always a good reminder to hear other stories of inspiration.