Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Today is the best day of my life..."

Kadan kept repeating yesterday. I felt totally bad not having a party for him or doing much of anything for his birthday. Things have been so crazy around here with unpacking, interviews, settling in, starting school, etc. that I just did not have time to plan much of anything. So, at the last second I decided that I was going to have an afternoon just with Kadan. I told him he could get anything that he wanted for his birthday and that I was going to take him to get it. At first he said, "I want a motor scooter, " but after telling him how expensive they were and that he was still too young he decided he wanted a new skateboard. After making a few calls I found one skate shop in the area. When we walked in he was flabbergasted -- "Wow, this store is cool." Quickly he went to the rack of skateboards, touching each one of them, telling me how cool each one was. Then he saw the price tags "$52.99, $64.99, $149.99, $129.99, $89.99..." He looked at each one, asking price. "Mom, these are expensive. Are you sure we can afford one?" I explained to him that we wanted to give him a really nice gift so he could chose which one he wanted. He walked by them all again, looking at each one closely. Then went back to the $52.99 board -- "Mom, this one is really cool with a big dragon on it. Can we get this one, it's the cheapest."

How cool was that? -- he was concerned about the price and wanted to make sure he did not spend too much money. He was so excited about the skateboard, chatting all the way home about how he was going to take good care of it, was going to keep it clean, and was going to ride it all the time.

Our next stop was going to Walmart (Sorry Courtney -- there is no other place to shop here) to pick up another gift, Super Smash Bros (this one was from my mom). We also went shopping for cake and ice cream. When we finally found cake isle, Kadan found just the cake he wanted -- chocolate with chocolate icing. He then said, "Mom, I really don't like cake but I am going to get the chocolate cake just for Addasyn cuz it is her favorite." (Ahh, how sweet is he).

On our way home I told him he could also pick out what he wanted to eat. I was thinking he was going to choose a Mexican Restaurant but to my surprise he said "Oreos, you know that kind with the meat inside with the red sauce that comes out of a can." Oh, he meant Beef Ravioli -- PERFECT -- the most simple meal ever.

After watching his video of the last year, eating lots of cake and ice cream and singing our Family birthday song, I was able to interview him. Here are his lists of FAVORITES:

Food: Ravioli, Bean burritos with cheese on the outside, tacos, and green beans
Sport: All of them
Friends: All my Michigan friends (Thomas, Jacob, Espen, Connor, Joey, Evan, Grant, Andrew, Chad, Gavin...) and my new friends Thomas and Tyes
Song: Book of Mormon Stories
Season: Spring and Summer
Subject: Science, Math, Gym, Computer Lab -- all subjects are my favorites
Book: Book of Mormon
Game: Lego Star Wars, Wii Sports, Super Smash Brothers
Color: Green, red, white, yellow, blue
Animal: Lions, tigers and cheetahs
Class: Mrs. Reno and Matuszak
Day: Birthdays
Favorite Birthday: Today

What do you want to be when you grow up? A wrestler, boxer and a scientist
How many kids to you want? 50
How old do you want to be when you get married? 100, no 50, no 70, no 80... (he he). I know... 54. That is the perfect age.


The Amayesings said...

That's it--we HAVE to get together SOON! Sorry we couldn't be there with you, Kadan. Here are your birthday kisses: XXXXXXX

Courtney said...

I forgive you for shopping at Walmart!! :) Ha!
We miss you guys!! Glad Kadan had the best birthday ever!