Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so thankful for my WONDERFUL friends...

whom I also count as my family. Thank you gals for all your kind comments, heartfelt phone conversations and wonderful words of wisdom. It is amazing that we can be so far away, yet have such a closeness. I hope that we will be able to always feel this connection. Our relationships are heavenly (literally).

Last night I went to the temple. Oh, the temple. There is nothing more wonderful than a visit to the temple. Immediately when entering the temple grounds, I always feel an overwhelming sense of peace and love. This was also the case yesterday. As a sat outside reflecting on this difficult situation, I bowed my head to pray. Just as the prayer began, a light mist of rain fell from the sky, almost like a cleansing of my troubled heart. I opened the prayer asking Heavenly Father to give me direction and to ask him to help me forgive those that have hurt me and my family. Immediately thoughts came to my mind -- giving me direction and hope. In the middle of the prayer I felt the need to write down the inspiration and share it. I would like to share this precious counsel with you:

Continue to pray both night and morning and many times throughout the day. Let these prayers be more fervent so that you may be given peace.

Not only read the scriptures daily with your family, but also study them. Enjoy reading them and the wisdom that lie therein. This will give you strength.

Be happy, stay positive for it is your responsibility to keep the spirit in your home. Then take the additional time for each child each day to tell them you love them, this will lift their spirits.

Listen to uplifting music. This will welcome the Spirit and make your heart rejoice.

Show love to your children, spend time with them, be patient, don't get frustrated since they need you to help them grow.

Keep in touch with your friends, for their friendships are a blessing from God. They will be a good influence on you throughout your life.

Do not judge others. They will handle situations differently than you.

You are a daughter of God. Great things are in store for you. You will be greatly blessed. These challenges will enable you to grow and someday help others.

I came away from the temple invigorated and with a heart of forgiveness. Since then, I must admit, it has been difficult to keep that forgiving heart. I keep replaying things in my mind sometimes thinking that I should tell the individual what I really think of them. But I know that this is NOT the right way. I need to forgive, distance myself, yet forgive nonetheless.

I cannot express how much you all mean to me. Each one of you fill a part of me that enables me to be a better person, to see things from another perspective and recognize that I am loved. Please know how important each one of you are, that you all have amazing talents and that you are all Divine women. Love you!

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Tulip Girl said...

Before we moved into E.Shores I had a family member that caused me great heartburn. She still can. Let me call her TumsWoman. TumsWoman tried to ruin DH and I. I had to forgive and it honestly took years to get there. You will forgive but it is a process. Allow yourself the time and space. And remember that sometimes you will think that you have forgiven and then something else happens and the anger flares back up and you get to start all over again. The Savior and time heal broken hearts. Allow both in your life.