Monday, August 25, 2008

My Sweet, Sweet Baby...

is growing up (insert mom pouty lip here).

Annalyse turned 3 today. It seems like just yesterday that I was at her baby shower with little Ms. Vivian and Ms. Avery. It was so fun being pregnant with 3 other good friends (Hilary, Michelle, and Stacey). We would share all our fun stories, events, etc. I remember frilly pink blankets, gold metallic diaper bags and satin car seat covers. Will this be the last time I experience all the fun of being a new mom again? Most likely, but it makes my heart yearn for other (don't tell Ian -- maybe I will just have to wait 20 years until I have grandbabies).

Bo has been talking about her birthday for months. Every time we go to the store she says "I want this for my birf-day." She finally decided what she wanted for her birthday last night; she wants a paci and a bunny. Maybe we will get her a bunny.

She is becoming such a big girl. She even thinks that she needs to pick out her clothes and her hairstyle. This morning was no different. She wanted a pink dress and a jacket with her hair in 3 ponies, a blue butterfly headband and huge pink ribbon since she wanted to look "pretty for my birf-day." Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet baby!


The Amayesings said...

Happy Birfday,Sheeshee! We miss you and hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Gary, Stacie, and Kids said...

Happy Birthday Bo! It was so fun for the four of us to all have baby girls so close together Jen. I missed everyone from the ward so much when we moved, and now it seems so many others have moved too. Those were great times!