Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I never thought that buying furniture...

could be so frustrating. There are multiple reasons:

  1. the furniture should "fit" into the type of the home

  2. the furniture should fit your style of the family -- with little kids I need sturdy and stain resistant

  3. the costs should be reasonable
  4. I am not quite sure what I want comes even close to what we need and of course the budget is way limiting.

So, I was talking to Tia tonight and we were sharing what we really liked in furniture and our frustrations of not being able to find what we want. I told her I would send her some pictures of what I would love to have right now but cannot remember her email. So, I am posting them here. I would also love to get other people's opinions -- be TOTALLY honest here since I these might not be appropriate for us at this time in our lives. Here they are:

Here is my all-time favorite couch -- simple, canvas white slip cover, roller legs -- looks soft and comfy.

Love this room -- the cool white wall, minimalistic drapes, hardwood floors (we have laminate but still looks good), awesome leather chairs with a simple design. Totally love the ceiling (but this will NOT happen in our house -- just the regular ones for us) but I also really like the idea of having a chandelier in the middle of your living room.

Isn't this a cool entertainment center -- even on sale right now. I love how it can reflect the light but I am not sure if I am totally crazy liking this -- is it completely ugly (I tend to like ugly sometimes) and what about fingerprints?


NatalieHemingway said...

Oh man!! Ditch the white while you still have small kids. My kids can trash a "stain-resistant"... anything quite easily. I figure we can't do white for at least 10 years. But how elegant and cozy that would be. Good luck with your search.

Courtney said...

o.k. Jen I have to agree with Natalie...leave the elegant to when your kids are grown! :)
I have to say leather is best with kids...there are some really cool looking leather couches out there now. I was telling Tia..try the Great Indoors..they may have some good stuff. Good luck! You need to make a trip to Vegas..or are you closer to Phoniex? Furniture shopping can be such a pain!! Post some pics of you house! Lv ya !

The Amayesings said...

Yeah, white is scary. Although it sure is purty!!!! I would love to see how you would work with the glammed out entertainment center. It's better-looking than most of that style I've seen. Very cool. Ugly is pretty with the right decorator, so you'll have NO problem making it rock.

The Amayesings said...

The other thing i forgot to say is that I like the entertainment center because while it's all mirrored and glammed, it also has some distressed features that would fit in with your idea of shabby/country chic (?). (Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about, because I kinda don't.) Anyway, you will make it look great.

Hilary said...

I *love* the white - but would it stay white for long?

I owe you a comment - I just read yours. . . I LOVE thinking about all of our fun!! I'm leaving for the weekend and am feeling a bit harried, but don't worry - I didn't forget... it'll be a good one!!


Michelle said...

Have you checked IKEA? That couch totally looks like something that would come from there. I also have to agree with the white though, it won't stay white for long with the kiddos.

We love microfiber because everything comes off of it sooo easy.

Gary, Stacie, and Kids said...

Alright, I have to say with four kids the couch would not stay white and the entertainment center would be covered in fingerprints all the time. Someday the kids will be older and then elegant would work. I'm sure with continued looking you'll be able to find something you like that would also be more kid friendly. The best of luck in your shopping!