Wednesday, July 30, 2008


sometimes Lake Powell adventures can really hurt! These last few pictures of our trip need a little bit of commentary to get the full effect.

The last morning while many were helping drive out the houseboat and clean, Ian and I took our kids along with Kody, Danny Boy and Jerzie on the boat to knee board, wake board and tube just one more time before the trip was over.

Ian skied like a champ -- just look at his lay it down! (and NO -- just in case you are wondering -- even if I DID lay it down also, I will not embarass myself by posting any pictures of me in a bathing suit)

Kody took all the kids on the tub white houseboat was making it's way to the Marina. As the kids were getting off, Ian decided to play a trick on Kody, Hunter and Kadan. He told them to stand up for a picture. Well, as soon as they stood up -- he punched it. Off they tumbled with Kadan being the sole survivor (he was totally proud of himself).

Our last adventure was one of my favorites. Right by lone rock there is this amazing white sand hill. Let me just tell you -- it is a total BEAR to climb. The kids were troopers, climbing (racing) all the way to the top.

After carving our names into the rocks, Ian had an awesome idea that we would have a race down to the bottom. Now, let me explain something to you -- when you challenge any children with Jensen blood in them, you are in for a race of your life. They get lots of their competitive spirit from their mom -- I totally HATE to lose. The Brimhall side is competitive too so add a double dose of die hard spirit and you have my kids.

After I roared "on your mark...get set...GO" the competition was on.

The kids were slipping and sliding everywhere -- trying to get down to the bottom of the hill first. One little one got the worst of it....

Poor little Addy May -- she face planted, flipped and tumbled down the hill getting a face full of dirt and her dreams of being the winner CRUSHED. I don't know if the sand in her eyes or the shear frustration of losing made her the most upset. It was quite a dramatic moment -- my poor little girl!!!!

To end on a more fun note. Here a a couple last pictures of the crazy boys.

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The Amayesings said...

Looks like a ton o fun, minus poor little Addy's spill. I'd be content to just watch everyone fall all over themselves to get to the bottom. I'm no competitor, as you know. Awesome pics! Miss you, by the way.