Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Okay, so I have to admit that I BAWLED like a little baby...

when we left Michigan. Leaving it was SO hard. Sunday night was amazing. First, three of the greatest gals in the WORLD came by without even being asked and spent hours helping me and my mom clean the house.

Courtney was stove cleaner extraordinaire and was miss "chucker" (loving to trash as much needless stuff as possible) -- JUST what I needed. She is one of the wisest woman that I know and has such common sense -- whatever she says is down to earth and just makes sense. She is always there to help in a pinch and has an uncanny sense of when someone needs something. She is also beautiful -- great "bod" and cool strawberry blonde hair. She has the total package -- personality, smarts, and pretty.

Ann was fearless and would clean even the scariest area of the house (the sump pump area in the basement). She is such a trooper, being in her last trimester and running around like she just ran a marathon. She just moved into our ward the last year and I am so sorry that we were not able to spend more years together. We are so much alike and I love to her just chat with her. Always with a huge smile on her face, she is an optimist and is so fun loving.

Hilary is another one of my dearest friends. She has been there to help me out during the thick and the thin. We have shared so much together -- being pregnant with out last children together and having hubbies that totally love basketball have created such a fantastic bond. She is a great mom and makes mommy-hood fun. She is all about service and will jump in an help until she is completely worn out but will do it with a smile. We have shared in so many late night talks just for fun.

When they left my emotions started -- this was REAL! We were leaving.

Then after the gals left, we walked around the neighborhood saying goodbye to our friends. Kadan's best friend Andrew and his family was the first stop. As Kadan said his farewells to the boys, I chatted with his mom, Karen. She is such a neat lady. She is so organized and friendly. We shared so much together due to our boys being best friends -- a friendship that I will always be grateful for. We just cried and cried.

Next was Grant -- a fun little friend that Kadan loves to play tag and baseball with. His grandma Nell always keeps an eye out for my little ones and gave me a HUGE grandma hug as we left.

After that was the Brado's. Have you even had a friend that would be so "real" that you know exactly what she is thinking and will protect you no matter what. This is Lecia. I will miss the pasta salads, evening bike rides and cheering our boys on during baseball and tennis. The boys made great friends with Chadd and little Cole. I also made great friends with Lecia's hubby Bill and love to tease him about his "sexy calves." Having great neighbors is so fun!
Then came Monday -- the dreaded Monday. The Mayes came by to say their goodbyes to us just before we left for the flight. Can I just say, it is just NOT fair that we are not moving to the same town. We have been together for 9 years and it took all the strength I could muster to say good-bye. After taking a few pictures and letting the kids pile into the car, we left for the airport. Tia and the kids followed us in the car while Russ drove us to the airport. She drove side-by-side until the lane on Masonic merged into one. When she slowed down so we could pass I completely LOST it. I sobbed so hard that my body shook. Just thinking about it now makes me cry. I will miss her -- my best friend, my confidant, my strength during bad times and my trusted friend.
Bo's favorite past time was to go to Zachy's house. "I go to Zachy's house." The 3 musketeers -- 3 crazy preschool and neighborhood friends Zach, Gavin & Addy.
As we entered the freeway the rain just POURED! As the rain was pounding I got a phone call from Lecia (her and Amy were following us to the airport and bringing some of our bags). The conversation was simple. She said, "The rain is our tears missing you already." Her voice then broke and I started crying again -- just too hard!

Finally we made it to the airport. I was filled with so many emotions. I was nervous and sad and did not want to leave.

Russ gave me the most tender good-bye. He is such a great man. He is a chief, a spiritual giant, a true friend -- he has helped Ian and I so many times. When things got rough, especially when I was so sick a couple of years ago, he gave me strength (both emotional and spiritual) so see the bright side of a difficult situation.

Last was the good-byes to the gals. Lecia, a fully converted woman who loves the Bible and loves Christ, was the first to give me a hug. It lasted forever and she gave me strength to say good-bye. Her hugs always gave me strength. Lecia, Amy and I were like the 3 amigos. What a fun trio we were!

Finally was Miss Amy Lou, the best next door neighbor (and friend) in the whole world -- no the whole universe! Amy has been so much fun. Crazy thing is that we look so much alike. Many of the neighbors confused us for each other for the first few years we lived in the neighborhood. Amy is a thinker, a counselor, a true friend. One that I would call when I needed something like getting the kids off the bus or her to look after the kids while I ran a quick errand. She was my shopping buddy, my Wednesday night last night dollar movie goer, my huge back yard party organizer, my dream sharer, my hour-plus phone call friend. What will I do without her? One hug turned into two which turned into three. Back and forth between Lecia and Amy -- not wanting to go but just had too. Bosom buddies -- Addy and Gavin. Playing in the sandbox was a year-round event (even if they had to wear winter coats they still ventured to play here).
I am so thankful for such wonderful people. People who I learned so much from and always was there to help me and my little family. There are so many more friends and experiences with them that I want to share. Believe me, it may take a while. Michigan is FULL of great people.


Courtney said...

Jen, you are too nice in your description of me!! I was happy to read that you left Michigan knowing that you have good friends here! We miss you already! I hope you find a rental place soon!

The Amayesings said...

I'm crying again, thanks! J/K I love ya, girlfriend. Miss you tons, and happy belated birthday! I hope you'll forgive me for missing it. Come visit and I'll see that you have an appropriate celebration!!!!

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