Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is TOTALLY stressful so I NEED opinions...

on our house plan. Long story short, I went up to Pinetop to look for a house and almost DIED -- the house prices are out of control. I was seeing some pretty dumpy stuff starting around $500, 00 for 2,500 sqft and up to 1.2 million for nice (but not exceptional) homes around 3,200 sqft. So, we looked at this house in the middle, met this builder and started asking questions. He is so great -- easy to work with, a reputable Scottsdale custom home builder, does QUALITY work, and is very reasonable (tons less expensive than the existing homes) -- so we asked if he would be willing to trade our Torreon land for his 3 acres as our down payment to get started. He said "YES" but wants to get started on the house plans right away so he can pour the foundation by the summer. HOLY COW! This is going just too smooth and TOO FAST! I found a great floor plan of the main level (with some size modifications -- need to reduce it by 30% -- and some other tweaks -- like deleting the formal dining, screen porch and the elevator). So, what do you all think? How big should the living room be -- do you actually use it? Should the Hearth/Family room be rotated 45 deg so that it is not angled? Should the breakfast room be more square (kind-of like the master's sitting area). Where should we put the stairs? It needs to be centrally located since in Pinetop they recommend no basements the kids BR will be on the upper level but do you like it being a feature? How many fireplaces will be really "need" in our home? What about a loft overlooking the Greatroom -- will it be too loud? Thanks for all your opinions -- I REALLY need them.
I hope that I am not breaking copyright laws but I will post the website so you can view the other plans available this this designer -- you know, I don't want to go to jail or be fined :-)

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