Friday, March 14, 2008

Cuddles and pacifier kisses...

are my favorite things in the morning. Mornings are definitely crazy around here with the the early 7:35 am rush to get the boys on the bus but Annalyse tends to sleep through it all. About 5 minutes after they leave, Bo starts calling for me. I bound up the stairs to see her and sneak between her covers for a morning cuddle. She wraps her little arms and legs around me while she nestles her head tightly into my neck. And then we just cuddle there for a long, long time. I just listen to her breathe and give her gentle kisses on her head. She stays so still, yet after a while she starts playing with my face, rubbing her fingers on my eyebrows, my ears and my lips. She leans up and gives me pacifier kisses on my cheeks then my nose then my forehead. She slowly sit up, stretches really big, then whispers "Mom, where's Addy? Can I have a sippy cuppy?" I just love cuddly mornings!

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