Monday, March 3, 2008

And what did you do today?

That has always been a dreaded question -- it actually can make my blood boil since so many times I am totally busy all day and still have not accomplished anything. Today was definitely NOT one of those days. This is what I did by noon:
  • got up, said my prayers and got ready for the day
  • woke the kids up, got them dressed, made homemade pancakes, spoon-fed Kadan (a usual event when he is extra tired in the morning)
  • packed lunches, said prayers, sent the boys on the bus, cleaned the kitchen (all by 7:45)
  • cleaned the kids room, made their beds, organized the closets, vacuumed
  • got the girls dressed, fixed their hair, picked up Gavin (the next door neighbor), drove kids to pre-school
  • when to the post office and waited in a long line to send off a package
  • returned some items to a friend (approx. 8 miles away from home)
  • went to the Drs, made an appointment, picked up a Rx
  • went to Costco -- returned several items then filled the cart full of yummy Costco treats
  • went to Walmart and again returned items -- you know how long those lines are -- it took FOREVER!
  • went to the pharmacy and dropped off the Rx
  • went home -- unloaded the car, picked up some checks that needed to be cashed and drove to pick up Addy and Gavin from school
  • picked up the kids, let them play for a few minutes on the indoor playground equipment and off to Wendy's for Chicken nuggets and a Jr. hamburger (they always love to con me into this one)
  • went to the bank, went to the car wash, went to the pharmacy
  • then drove back home.

I was so pleased -- it was a fun errand day today.

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