Friday, October 3, 2008

My little crazy girls...

are bestest friends. Addy is like a little mother to Bo -- teaching her to read, drawing her bath, getting her dressed and playing all types of imagination games. Bo keeps Addy laughing and getting into innocent mischief.

If you know me well (or maybe even not so well since it is totally obvious), you know that I love to dress my kids alike. It probably stems from the extreme wanting to have twins since I knew what twins were. Having a mom that is a twin and a grandpa (my dad's dad) that is a twin with triplet brothers -- I just knew that I was going to get lucky enough to have two little munchkins at once. Well, my wish was never granted so I keep on buying duplicate or matching clothing just for fun.

Now, without my encouraging, my girls want to match every day. Today was no exception. They looked so cute together in their matching black and white that I had to snap a few pictures before Addy left from school. They definitely are NOT perfect pictures but they capture my little gals' personalities so well. Addy looks so mothering and Bo looks like a little rascal. My little best buddies!!

(Bummer that I blew out this picture since I totally love it -- I must see if I can figure out photoshop to fix it just a bit.)


Waldron Mission said...

I can see you and Annie in those 2 girls.
The are beautiful. Excited to see them when we get home.
What a beautiful family!!
Love from "Down Under"
Aunt B

Jen B. said...

Aunt Bobbi -- I would love to get your blog address so I can see what you guys are up to. Love, Jen