Friday, October 17, 2008

6 quirks about me...

thanks to Melissa for the tag.

1. I love mowing the lawn in long straight rows. If the row gets a little squiggly then I have to mow that row again. After I am done, I love to view the masterpiece as I drive down the street, slowing down to lengthen the viewing enjoyment. Makes you think obsessive compulsive disorder doesn't it -- just wait until you get to number 3. Then you will know that I am crazy.

2. I love to take naps, sometimes preferring naps over doing something fun like going to the park or a play group. I am just a little sleepy head.

3. I just HAVE to have the closets organized in this manner -- solid short sleeve, solid long sleeve, patterned long and short, dresses. Then they have to be color coded -- heaven forbid if the yellow is in the blue's place. An unorganized closet drives me CRAZY! With that said, #3 leads to #4.

4. Since it takes a ridiculously long time to put all the family's clothes away, I leave them in baskets for days (even weeks) until I muster up enough energy to put them all away or until the kids have no more clothes to wear.

5. I HATE saying no -- I just wish I had enough time to do all the things that I wish I could do to help my friends. I also have a hard time saying no to my kids but I am trying to be more realistic with their wants and needs and say "No" more often.

6. I write thank you notes or cards and NEVER send them. Even when it comes to Christmas cards, I usually start them early November. About a 1/3 of them are sent out on time, 1/3 is sent late and the other 1/3 is still in my craft room.

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