Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, the beauty of fall...

How I just love fall. Being from South Carolina and Arizona (the hot valley), I never really experienced fall until I moved to MI. I remember our first fall in MI when there was crispness in the night air and the leaves were turning colors. One day I was chatting with Tia and she said that fall was her favorite season. At first I wondered why she would choose fall since in AZ it is when the grass starts to die and is pretty ugly, but after having my first real fall I too think it is my favorite season.

Yesterday was Kadan's field trip to the Pumpkin patch in Snowflake. After about 30 minutes of running through the corn maze and 15 minutes trying to decide which pumpkin he wanted the excitement was over. In only 45 minutes, the kids and teachers did all that they could do at this little pumpkin farm so they boarded the buses for playtime at the park. As the buses took off down the dirt road I couldn't help but reminisce about our MI trips to the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. They were full of yummy donuts, play centers, wagon rides, corn mazes, slides and more. It's times like this that makes me miss MI and the good times there more each day. Here are a couple of pictures I snapped of Kadan and Bo (Bo was a little tag along and hung with the big 2nd graders just fine).

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Courtney said...

I was reading Tia's blog about missing Michigan too..I can't complain b/c it's been a great month. We've had lots of sun and beautiful weather. We are going to miss you this week for trick or treating!!