Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gotta add a 7th quirk...

So, I as in church today and realized a 7th quirk that is so major that I must confess (you know that confession/realization is the first step to recovery).

We were having an amazing relief society lesson on meditation and exaltation but I was totally distracted. The teacher would write some brilliant comments on the board and when she ran out of space would erase. But, she would not erase the board completely, she would leave a few writing squiggles here, a word there. I was going CRAZY! I felt like walking up to the board and erasing the left overs for her -- Whew, it would have felt much better. But I did not want embarrass myself and have other think "what in the world is that psycho freak doing up there erasing the board." I thought to myself, should I volunteer to write for her? If I move my body to the side just a bit, will the area be obscured from view? If I send her some subliminal messages and lean towards the areas needing eraser attention, would she catch my drift? aaaaAAAH! I was going crazy. Then she would just toy with my obsession -- moving in large sweeping circles she would come closer...closer...even closer...almost got it...then no -- she would put the eraser down and start writing again. Ultimate devastation!!

As I sat back and noticed my complete craziness I just started to giggle -- "get over it Jen -- you psycho freak."

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Stacie and Family said...

All I can say is I am glad to know I am not the only one out there! I would have felt the same! "Psycho freak" is a bit harsh...don't you think?!