Monday, September 15, 2008

I have always been a Southern Belle...

at heart. Being born and raised in South Carolina to a mother whom was truly a southern debutant has been deeply inbred the southern spirit in me. I have always loved grits, azaleas, southern accents, saying "ya'll" and much of the formality of southern living and their amazing hospitality. This last weekend, when I heard that my Aunt Sherri (my mom's twin sister), Uncle Bobby, cousin Hamp, and Nanny (my grandmother) were coming into town to visit, I just HAD to make the trip to the valley even if we could only see each other for a short time.
Let me share little more about all these wonderful people.
First my Aunt Sherri. She is a woman of great strength. She smiles despite her pain (she has been suffering from abdominal and cervical pain for years with numerous failed surgeries). She has the sweetest voice you ever heard. I do not recall her ever speaking poorly of anyone and if she is around others that may be saying something a little sour she will say "now, let's be nice." She is creative -- I always remember her over-the-top primary lessons and primary programs. She always goes the extra mile. She calls me her little Southern Belle and I LOVE it.
Now my Uncle Bobby. He is the funnest and funniest man ever. He is such a kid at heart. At breakfast he had all the kids occupied sharing stories, showing magic tricks (my favorite is the one where he acts like he is pulling off his finger), whistling and then asking "where's the birdy," asking you "are you as sorry as you look?" and then last but definitely not least, trying to get you to say "peas and corn" so he can give you a horsey bite on your knee. And let me tell you -- no matter how old you are (even my dad can get it) if you accidentally say those two words together even if you are talking to him on the phone he WILL remember and you will be in trouble the next time you see him.Watch out Spencer -- the horse bite is comin'! Here he is acting like he is breaking his nose -- always a crowd pleaser.

My Nanny -- what a posed princess. She is always put together and always smells amazing. She also has a quirky side and says some shockers. For example, I told her to "be good" in jest as I was leaving and she said, "Well, Jenny (she still calls me Jenny), that wouldn't be any fun." She is always ready to party and go to any new adventures (even though she is over 80). She also is the most amazing cook -- you cannot beat her baked mac-n-cheese and her Thanksgiving dinners.My cousin Hamp is such a handsome man. He has always been so kind and epitomizes southern hospitality. Talk about his southern charm. I have always heard him address women as "yes, Ma'am" and men as "sir." Hamp is the 2nd one from the right.

Last is my Aunt Mimi -- the youngest of the group -- she is such a pretty woman. She has been living in Arizona for years now and is so fun to have around. She has a way to make anyone laugh and feel comfortable.

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Hilary said...

I'm so glad that you were able to see your family! I was getting a little worried about you, not seeing a post for several days. . . It's good to see that the reason is because you were having a great weekend with loved ones!!