Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another fun TAG...

thank goodness it is not as exhausting as real tag -- I am totally out of shape. Thanks Stacie -- this will be fun.

I am: totally sick today -- yucky stomach flu
I think: I need a vacation. Hey, as a matter of fact, I am going down to the valley to see Tia next weekend (yeah).
I know: I would not make it without the Lord.
I want: to live until I am really old and gray and have lots of grand babies.
I have: some pretty awesome kids.
I dislike: tomatoes -- YUCK!!!
I miss: being in Michigan and my dear friends that live there.
I fear: that I will ruin my kids -- I hope that I am teaching them right
I feel: lonely -- it's hard to move so far away.
I hear: quiet -- my kids are just winding down to read scriptures and then go to bed.
I smell: new furniture smell -- I am sitting at Ian's new desk that was delivered yesterday.
I crave: anything chocolate and unconditional love.
I cry: when I'm overwhelmed and overtired (I stole this one from Stacie).
I usually: late -- it's a terrible habit that I am trying to break.
I search: the scriptures -- esp. when I am planning my Sunday school lessons (yippee -- I am 12-13 year-old Sunday School teacher).
I wonder: if I am doing enough.
I regret: not going on a mission.
I love: my family, sunshine, lazy summer days, laughter, girls nights out and singing.
I care: about all the children that do not have a safe home to live in and wish I could do more than just donating a little money each month to Mothers Without Boarders.
I always: get to bed too late.
I worry: about my children.
I am not: very organized -- I have great plans but just lack follow through.
I remember: when I thought marriage would solve all my problems (yeah, right!).
I believe: in the power of redemption.
I dance: with my kids in the kitchen -- I love twirling them round and round.
I sing: and love it. Wish I wasn't so afraid to sing solos.
I don't always: spend enough time with my kids.
I argue: when someone is being mean.
I write: thank you notes and NEVER mail them.
I win: if I try really hard -- I must say that against other adults, I am very competitive.
I lose: on purpose when I play with my kids.
I wish: Hunter had an easier time with school.
I listen: to my kids chatter and love to hear the funny things they are saying.
I don't understand: why people can be intentionally mean.
I can usually be found: working on the computer now but in the past I could aways be found at TARGET.
I am scared: of my kids getting hurt and being alone in the dark.
I need: to start working out -- I feel like a lazy bum.
I forget: so many things these days -- I think I need to get more sleep.
I am happy: when I'm hanging with my kids, family and friends just doing nothing but enjoying each other.

I tag...
Tia M
Michelle B
Ann K
Hil T


The Kalcichs said...

It's so fun to read about you, Jen! We miss you in Michigan, too.

Hilary said...

Hey. I'm missing you! I've been thinking about you constantly for the last few days - how are you doing?

Stacie and Family said...

You're such an awesome person. It was great getting to read about you. Funny how you used to always be found at Target -- do you remember me bumping into you in the boys dept?