Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh YEAH! The LIMO ride...

was a blast. Hunter won a limo ride for him and 3 of his friends a couple of weeks ago. Upon announcing the win, he was bombarded with tons of classmates begging to go with him on the ride. He had the hardest time choosing who would go since he is friends with so many children in his class and he did not want to hurt anyone's feelings. I too was having a hard time helping him decide so I called Mrs. Gaigalas (his 3rd grade teacher) to ask her if she had any suggestions. To make it easier for Hunter, we decided that he was not going to ask any classmates (instead we would invite them all to his end of the school year party) and ask only neighbor friends. Chadd Brado, Espen Mayes and Kadan were the 3 lucky friends. I too was lucky to go and went as a chaperon. We ate at Texas Longhorn Steakhouse (YUM) and road around dancing, laughing and being just crazy wild.
Kadan the RockSTAR was singing and dancing and turning up the radio the whole trip.
Espen and Hunter with the Limo driver. Hunter gave him a big hug and thanked him over and over again. The driver donated his time and the ride to the school and made sure that we were all treated like royalty.
The manager of the Steakhouse was so kind. He talked about the free lunch program. They donate hundreds of free lunches to schools each week. Now that is an organization to patron. The service was excellent and the food was delicious.Mr. Loria -- the best principal EVER checked in with us to make sure that we were having lots of fun.

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Holly said... fun! Lucky! I've still never been in a limo - ever! Maybe someday! That's sure a day those kiddos will never forget.