Monday, June 2, 2008

He can be the sweetest thing...

in the universe. Let me start off by saying Kadan is not an early morning person and does not like to be waked up for his school that starts way too early in the morning (7:50). If he can sleep in until 8:30 Kadan wakes up laughing and playing but earlier than that just watch out -- life can get pretty touch. This morning I let him sleep in until 7:15 and to my surprise he bounded down the stairs happy. Quickly ate his food (another miracle) and then got himself ready for the bus in 10 minutes flat and still had a few minutes to spare. As I gave him a hug and a kiss to send him on his way to the bus he said, "Hey mom, we did not say a prayer on the breakfast." Being the rushed mom I said, "Hunter and I said the prayer while you were still sleeping. Now run to the bus before you are late." But looking down at him I knew that my answer did not satisfy him. I then said, "Would you like to say a prayer before you head off to school?" "Sure Mom." And with that he quickly closed his eyes and started. He prayed for health of the family and for a good day. He prayed that Hunter would do well on his work. He then prayed specifically for his little friend Brayden and said, "Dear Heavenly Father, and please bless Brayden that he will have a good day. Bless him that he will not get a red and that he will not cry. And that he will know that he has to do what the teacher says even if he does not want to. I hope that he will be happy." I almost started to cry. This little boy is so kind and has such a wonderful relationship to his Heavenly Father. He really talks to Him.

I wanted to make sure that I captured the moment so I got out my camera and snapped a quick picture of my sweet thing before he ran to meet the bus.

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