Monday, June 2, 2008

The 3rd Annual Walk-a-thon...

at Masonic Heights Elementary was another success. The kids enjoy walking a mile to help raise money for some new playground equipment. This year we were able to donate some money to the walk-a-thon and for each $5 donation the kids got a ticket to win some prices. Hunter came home totally excited today and announced, "I won a limousine ride for me and 3 of my friends." Cool! I hope that I am one of his friends. We can't wait for the ride.
Here are some pictures of the kids on this fun day.

Hunter has been in Mrs. Gaigalas' class for 2 years (her class is part of a satellite program in which the teacher and the class move from 2nd to 3rd grade together). This is a bunch of wonderful kids that love each other and help each other with everything.

Mrs. Matuszak is Kadan's favorite woman in the whole world (next to his mom and grandma that is). He is planning on marrying her when he grows up. Check out how is he walking so close to her.The girls were definitely center stage during the walk-a-thon. EVERYONE wanted to push them. They had a blast drinking waters and being treated like queens.

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Holly said...

How fun! BTW, Addy looks snazzy with her glasses. Aren't kids hilarious!