Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ian's graduation was definitely...

a nice night. Ian was honored as chief surgical resident and was told that he was the most "trustworthy, hardworking and honorable orthopaedic resident he (Dr. Scott) had been privileged to work with." What a great compliment! After the brief ceremonies we were treated to an amazing dinner at the Coach House (a restaurant some 70+ stories up that overlooks Detroit). We were honored to have John, Broc and My Mom at the ceremonies.

Chet Hunter, a radiology resident, is one of Ian's close friends. His wonderful wife, Julie Hunter, has been a shinning star and a great strength to me during the residency. The boys outside the Detroit Athletic Club.
Ian with Dr. Acker (a kind and genuine surgeon who took care of me when I had my MRSA infection), Jason (his ortho brother) and crazy Dr. Scott. Dr. Acker and Rich Stanley -- Rich is one of the most remarkable people and is married to a beautiful woman (Karen) that is just as remarkable. They have spent hours helping us with house projects and talking. Much of the gang that was able to come that night are seated here.
The joke is that you have to be at least 6 foot to be an ortho resident at the hospital. Ian is 6'3" and Jason is 6"5". Dr. Scott is lucky to be pushing 5'10" so he jumped up on their shoulders to get a picture.


Holly said...

Yay! Congrats to you both! What an accomplishment!

The Amayesings said...

Jen, you look gorgeous and those are some great photos (of course)! Jen, way to get him through Med school and residency!
Way to go, Ian too.

The Finck Five said...

Congrats on the position. This is a weird comment, but I googled Chet and Julie hunter and all I got was your blog. I am an old friend of both from the Mission and wanted to ask Julie a question. Could you give her my email. this is James Finck and my email is Thank you for playing messenger. I just graduated with my Ph.D. so I know how nice graduation is, so congrats again.