Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks to Target -- my most FAVORITE store...

I had this little conversation with Bo. Since we went to the valley this weekend, I just had to make at least 2 trips to Target (I actually had 3 planned but due to the potential for bad weather up the mountain, we had to leave early without our final Target run). On the 1st trip I filled the cart with some needed items including new church shoes for the girls and tights. After unpacking tonight I have Bo her spoils. She was so excited that she had to sleep with her sparkly shoes and hot pink tights. Just before she went to bed she came up to me and said, "Mom, you a good buyer. Thanks for all my cute things."

I then asked her if she was a good "buyer" and she said "no, I am a good wearer." Indeed -- she is so right. She puts together some fun, fun outfits and I just love buying them for her.

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The Amayesings said...

Bo's right on both accounts. I miss shopping w/you!