Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Did I ever express just how much I LOVE the snow. In my opinion, if it is cold then it should snow. Even if the snow was 10 feet high and I had to dig my way out of my house -- I would say, "Keep it COMIN!"

Today was like a dream -- it snowed and snowed and snowed HUGE flakes. Those wonderful sticky flakes that lets you build the most awesome forts and the roundest snowballs. My kids loved every minute of it and I loved watching them out the bay window in the kitchen all bundled up, completely enjoying the absolute quite and giggled by myself as I watched them push the sled down the little hill and flop down to make a perfect snow angel. It was snowing just too hard to take outdoor pictures (I made that mistake once and almost ruined my camera permanently) so, I captured their little red faces and huge, tired smiles as they came in out of the cold to drink yummy hot chocolate.

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The Amayesings said...

How FUN! I ditto that opinion-- if it's got to be cold, send the SNOW! Love ya!