Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some more spring fun...

is all around us today. One of the wonderful things about Michigan is that everyone makes the most out of beautiful weather. Kids run up and down the streets, stopping at their friends' homes to play for a minute, then on to the next house, collecting more and more friends to play. Before you know it, you have over a dozen kids laughing and playing and climbing and chasing.

The crowning event of the day is when we hear the sweet tinkling of nursery rhyme music coming from the ice cream truck. All of a sudden you hear the squeal from the first child that hears the music blocks away. In complete delight, while jump up and down, they announce "the ice cream truck is coming...the ice cream truck is coming." Then, everyone stops to listen for a small moment, straining to hear, just to make sure. In an instant, they all separate, running this way and that way to get handfuls of coins to purchase the world's largest Popsicles from the ice cream man. With a please and a thank you, the man hands the children their treat then thanks us tells and us to have a blessed day. They come home sticky, happy and tired. What the life -- Friends, goodies and fun!!!
Tamia -- one of the most beautiful baby girls ever. She is such a little prissy girl and absolutely loves to hang with my kids.

Handsome Mr. Tyler -- fun and silly little guy. Gavin's baby "broder"

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