Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let it SNOW....

Three feet and counting! Yippee Ya-Hewey! I just love the snow. In my opinion, if it is going to be cold then there should be at least 2 feet of snowball packable, snowman making, igloo fort building, gloriously white snow on the ground (but not on the roads so I can at least get out to go shopping).

On Thursday, since there was no power and they had to cancel all of Ian's surgeries, Ian took the boys for a masculine weekend of fishing, hiking, hunting, etc. Little did they know that they would be evacuated from Roosevelt due to a flash flood and that all the roads to get back home would be closed due to rock slides, avalanches, etc. So, they are stuck in a little town of Pumkin Center (notice it is not pumpkin -- it is pumkin -- AZ hick at it's best) until at least Sunday afternoon if they are lucky and if they are unlucky, not until Tuesday. Hope you are having fun boys.

Us girls have hunkered down for a long, warm winter playtime. Addy, Bo and the neighbor girls (yeah for the Updikes moving into town and across the street) built a 6 foot fortress slide with a hidden tunnel that is "Girl Only" (well at least until the boys get home and take over). We've learned to make a fire in the fireplace, found all the flashlights in the house, charged the portable DVD Player and have the kerosene heater all put together just in case the power doesn't come back on for hours.

Yesterday I had to hire the big guns to plow me out of my drive so I could get to work. The simple plow on the front of the truck did not work (he actually got stuck in our driveway), so they brought in the beefy Caterpillar. Cute side note -- I told the boys about the Caterpillar digging me out and Kadan said, "No Way. A huge caterpillar is digging you out of the snow. Since it is so cold in Lakeside, I thought that they were in hibernation for the winter." LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the literal imagination from a child.

We are loving our "state of emergency" and cannot wait for the power to come back on at the Ski Resort and for the roads to be cleared so we can keep playing.

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The Amayesings said...

Oh my gosh those pics are cute. I need to know how you did them. That snow reminds me of MI winters. The snow here rarely sticks for long. We have to go north for anything substantial and we've found out that it isn't very good for snowballs and snowmen. Just sledding and skiing. At least it's good for something, huh.