Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growing up WAY too fast...

Can't we just freeze them right where they are? All my lovely kids are at the perfect age -- still completely innocent, think their parents rock, enjoy the little things, have a 8 o'clock bedtime, can clean their messes, love family home evening, think the "s" word is stupid and the "f" word is fart, love Santa and the tooth fairy, can still be carried up the stairs to bed, want to spend every minute with their mom, ski for free, aren't afraid of saying what is on their mind, can wear the same outfit 3 days in a row and still want to wear it again, have toothless smiles, get discounts at Disneyland, sneak into bed with me at night to cuddle, want to be read bedtime stories, sing in high pitched voices, let me fix their hair, carpool for play dates, love learning, have a special relationship with Christ.
Seeing this picture of Addy makes me realize that these precious moments are fleeting. With every day she gets smarter and stronger and braver and confidenter (I know it's not a word but it makes for a great parallel listing of information -- wink). So, bring on the cuddling, the loving, the giggling, the messing, the hair brushing, the books, the singing, the playing, the whining, the dancing, the gaming, the carpooling, the needing to spend every second of the day with mom for confirmation that they are the most wonderful, crazy, loving stinkers that are mine -- all mine!!!

Love you!!!!!!!


Melissa J. said...

This girl needs to be a model!!! So beautiful - looks like it's out of a catalog. Your pictures are amazing, Jen - you're so talented.

Julie said...

Jen, jen, jen.....such cute photos. I love how talented you are. Any cute new furniture/home decor things yet? If so, please email my way (oh and if you can send some of your talent too, that would be great.)
Much love-

The Amayesings said...

Love the post. And the photo rocks. You've been practicing and perfecting. I've been dinking around. :) Love Addy, the pic, the post and YOU!