Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lovin' school day mornings....

I must admit that getting the kids up and ready for school is not my favorite time of the day. Just the stress of having to get up early, eat, get dressed, find shoes, make sure they did all their homework (instead of just the one page they told me they had), feeding Sage and then running to the bus gets a little too rushed and a little too crazy.

I just love mornings where the kids get enough sleep, where they are happy to wake up and where we have enough time to talk and to play and to get ready. The other morning was one of those such mornings. Hunter woke up early to catch a little TV before the morning rush. Addy required just a little tickle and a little kiss to wake up with a smile. Kadan only ducked under the covers once before he jumped out of bed happy. Bo woke up all by herself and came downstairs running to me to give me a huge hug. They ate all their breakfast, got their own snacks, put their own shoes on and was ready for the bus 10 minutes before it came. YEAH!

When Addy was finally finished with putting on her latest style trends she bounded down the stairs looking so pretty. I just HAD to take a few pictures of her. Bo then popped in for a few and last came Kadan. Hunter was just too worried that he would miss the bus so he escaped the snap shoots -- now I wish I would have run out to him and taken just a few. I just love easy, breezy, unrushed school day mornings.

Look at the fun toothpaste beard on Kadan -- sweet :-)

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