Sunday, May 10, 2009

Having to lie in bed...

is one of the BEST Mother's Day gifts ever. Ian has all the kids making me breakfast in bed (thanks to Hunter requesting it last night) so I am confined to my bed to not ruin the surprise. I just MUST to this more often.

UPDATE: I just got smothered with loves and giggles from my kids. I had a delicious bacon and avocado omelet compliments of Chef Ian, wonderful handmade cards from Hunter and Kadan, a paper airplane and a little purse with her hand print (thanks to Mrs. Reinhold) from Addy and a mismatch pink heart sock, pencil and pencil sharpener from Bo. I have everything I want and need for this Mother's Day.

UPDATE #2: As I lay typing in my bed Addy comes up and asks, "Mom, where's the lotion?" After my answer, away she runs. Then less than a minute later, Addy and Bo come in my room with globs of lotion and start rubbing my feet and arms. Did I say that I just LOVE Mother's day and LOVE my kids!!!


melissa said...

ok jen the best way to get ahold of me is through email I am real busy.
586 776 5654

my family is making me dinner

The Amayesings said...

How sweet! Love the school day pics including and especially the toothpaste on Kadan. I'm glad you got a little pampering today. You deserve it every day!!