Thursday, May 29, 2008

My baby girl is graduating...

from preschool. If this is what graduation from high school feels like, then I am in a load of trouble. There was such mixed feelings. I was totally proud and excited for all she accomplished yet was sad to see the finality of no more preschool for Addy. Time is just passing too fast! It was so great to see how much she has grown since she started (I MUST find a picture for comparison). She went from little short curls to long golden locks, from singing a jumbled, barely understandable ABC song to being able to read and write all her letters. What in the world happened? Can't I just keep her little forever? She is such a joy, my little Addy May.

Every morning they started their day off by sitting at the red circle carpet for "circle time" -- a time to show and tell, to go over the weather, to perform warm ups, to sing songs and to discuss the letter of the day.

Then they would say the Pledge of Allegiance and follow it with their version of the National Anthem. The song goes like this...

Some stripes are red

Some stripes are white

And in the corner there is blue

Oh our flag stands for our Country

How I love red, white and blue.

Then it is singing time. We heard so many children songs (Addy's favorite is the "Spooky Walk"). They also learned a long rendition of Jack and Jill (since she did go to Jack and Jill Preschool). For the graduation party, Addy played the "Mother" in the song -- check out her little shyness while she accepted the bucket full of water from Jack. Bo was camera-gal and was so excited for Addy. She would cheer, "Yeah Addy, you did it!"And of course, the event finished with snack. The girls were introduced to orange floats. It was an instant hit.

Mrs. Fran Timmerman is the most organized and creative preschool teacher. It was a joy to see her two days a week for 3 years.

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The Amayesings said...

That first picture of Addy really highlights her smile! What a cutie!