Monday, November 7, 2011

All they want for Christmas....

Is Christmas almost here? Holy COW -- less than 2 months of shopping left so I asked the kids what they want this year.
Hunter wanted Harry Potter wands, a mini ninja game and "your love" -- Way to go my boy, always wanting peace and happiness.
Kadan wants his own Santa AND Santa's helper so he can get gifts all year long. He also wants a servant, a money making machine and a candy making machine -- Mr. Dreamer, smart, wish I would have thought of this as a child. Now, if I find a genie in a lamp I'm going to HAVE to ask for Santa.
Addy wants some carpet skates (don't know what it is -- she says it let's you slide on the carpet) and a light bulb for her lava lamp. -- Just like Ms. Addy, sweet and simple.
Bo wants lots and lots of toys and it's okay if they are "baby toys 'cuz I like all kinds of toys." But she doesn't want clothes and "defininately nooooo pants" -- Well of course, she's my little stuffed animal lover will be happy with whatever she gets as long as she can play with it -- the more the merrier. She's been perusing and circling and sleeping with the toy magazines since they started to arrive last week.
Not too bad (well, besides Kadan), we'll just have to see what Santa can do :-)

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ThurberGang said...

cute....miss you guys! merry christmas!!