Monday, December 21, 2009

We LOVE Santa....

and we loved going to the North Pole Experience this weekend. The kids were giggly, giddy, full of enthusiasm and all aglow during our portal experience that took us up to the North Pole. Filling our tummies with a Holiday smorgasbord of salmon, turkey, ham, roast beef and Yummy sugar cookies with elf stew (hot cocoa) then busily helping the elf's' make toys for girls and boys while caroling-caroling-as-we-went made for a Santa night to remember. We even brought our friends along (Tara and her two little gals) so share in all our fun.

Mrs. Clause Rocks!

Shining stars of Elf school :-)

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Anonymous said...

These photos of North Pole Experience are incredible! What kind of camera do you have?