Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One of my FAVORITE things...

is singing and boogieing down in the car. Today, driving home from the valley, we were stuck in one of the most horrible snow packed, icy roads I have ever experience. Of course, even driving 20 mph with 4-wheel drive did not make me feel safe since we were still slippy and slide-y. On the verge of freaking out, I plugged in my ipod, turned on Tia's 2007 Christmas melodies (thank you Tia for saving me again!) and started singing Jingle Bells. Soon, Addy piped in then the whole car was full of my children's voices singing and dancing and clapping and laughing. We sang all the way home, laughing all the way "Ha, Ha, Ha." Gotta LOVE these little special moments with your children.

Here are some fun things that the kids were saying:

Addy -- "Mom, look at the trees. They are all white. They look like they are covered in Christmas ornaments."

Kadan -- "Mom, do you have any food? Can you roll down the window? We need to throw some food out the window so the animals will not be hungry. We always need to be nice to the animals."

Hunter -- (kinda random comment) "Mom, do catfish eat mice?" Me -- "I'm not quite sure." "Well, Mom, they are called Cat -- fish so since they are like cats and cats like to eat mice then catfish must like to eat mice too." -- I just chuckled.

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NatalieHemingway said...

What fun/silly kids you have. I need to dig out that CD from Tia too. BTW...loved your card too. I think the kids have grown already in just 6 months!!